Ellen & Michelle Obama’s Prom Surprise For Military Teens


Ellen: First Lady Michelle Obama in Florida

Ellen DeGeneres checked back in with First Lady Michelle Obama, who was spending the day with military families in Florida as part of the Joining Forces Initiative.

Mrs. Obama introduced some of the young women who were part of the day’s event, including Rachel, who was honored to be there with her classmates, including Kiana, whose mother is currently serving overseas.


Ellen: Michelle Obama Prom

After sharing their own embarrassing prom photos, Michelle Obama & Ellen gave military teens a prom surprise.

Kiana said she chats with her mother a few times each week, and she loves getting to hear her mother’s voice. Also on the dais with the First Lady was Elise, whose father is a veteran. She said that being a military kid teaches you strength and courage.

Ellen said everyone admires the strength of military families and the sacrifices they make.


Ellen & Michelle Obama Prom Photos

Ellen noted that prom is coming up, and she hoped the girls were excited. To get them in a festive spirit, Ellen showed off her 1970s prom picture, in which she work an orange and blue polyester dress.

For even more prom fun, Ellen unearthed Mrs. Obama’s prom picture, in which she is wearing a gold dress and sitting in a wicker armchair. “Were you shopping at Pier One or something?” Ellen wondered.

Shouldn’t celebrities know by now to destroy all their school photos, lest someone like Ellen dig them up for maximum embarrassment on national TV? I have to say I’m curious about what fashions of the 2000s we’ll be lampooning in a few decades. The ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s seemed like such easy targets, even while they were happening.

Ellen: Michelle Obama Joining Forces Prom Surprise

Ellen is of course the new spokesperson for JC Penney stores, which she said have everything people need for prom, including shoes, dresses, and accessories, not to mention the hair salon.

To help these children of military families get ready for prom, JC Penney gave all the students at the Joining Forces event a $250 gift card.

Ellen thanked everyone at the Florida event for appearing on her show, and she praised the First Lady, calling her “an amazing, amazing woman. Thank you for all that you’re doing.”

Don’t forget that you can visit joiningforces.gov to find out how you can get involved in thanking military families in your community.


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