Ellen Meets Mo Isom, LSU’s Aspiring Female Football Player


Ellen: Woman Joins LSU College Football Team

Traditionally, we tend to think of football teams as all male. But Mo Isom aims to change that. Her goal is to be the first female football player for the LSU Tigers. She was an All American Tigers soccer player, and she has been training to play football.

She said that her teammates are encouraging and supportive, though she said the locker room smells terrible. “It’s so much fun,” she said. “It’s just a whole other level of intensity, and it brings out the best in an athlete.”


Ellen: LSU Mo Isom

Ellen met Mo Isom, the woman on a quest to be LSU's first female football player. (Image Credit: Arkorn / Shutterstock.com)

Mo recalled some of her obstacles over the years, including her father’s suicide after her freshman year of college. Then she was in a serious car accident after her sophomore year. Now she is trying to learn from what she’s been through and overcome in the past.

“This is not an effort to make just any football team,” she said. “This is the #1 football team in the nation.” Mo is confident about her chances, and believes you can do anything if you try hard enough.


Ellen: Mo Isom, LSU’s Aspiring Female Football Player

Mo Isom came to LA to chat with Ellen about her story. Ellen clarified that she was inspired by the story, and the show begged Mo to come. She added that Mo isn’t doing this as a publicity stunt, and she appreciates the student coming to visit with her.

For her part, Mo said it was a joy to be a guest on Ellen’s show. Ellen asked what inspired her to set this new goal of joining the football team, especially given the danger and impact of football.

Mo said she grew up around football, and her family members have played it all her life. She has always been competitive, and appreciated the work ethic she saw in male athletes.

She said kicking a football is completely different from kicking the soccer ball. It took her several tries to learn the different technique, and now she has good height, distance, and accuracy.

Ellen said it’s encouraging that the team has been so accepting and supportive. Mo said the coaching staff was very encouraging and open to her interests, and she said she appreciated their character and the integrity of LSU’s football program.

How Mo’s Car Accident Changed Her Life

Mo’s attitude is something Ellen wants us to take away from her story. She is moving beyond her obstacles, including the serious car accident she was in after her sophomore year. Mo said she broke her neck, half her ribs, and damaged her lungs, liver, jaw, and even had brain contusions.

She said she “woke up hanging upside down in the car,” and she said that it’s easy to see it as overwhelming. Instead, the event was pivotal in her life. She said she saw it as an opportunity to forge ahead and inspire others in life.

Ellen promised that Mo Isom would demonstrate her kicking skills later in the show.


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