Ellen: Luke Bryan Spring Break Review & Mitchell Marcus Basketball


Ellen: Jon Mantanez Basketball Game

Ellen: Luke Bryan Spring Break Review & Mitchell Marcus Basketball

Luke Bryan’s new CD Spring Break…Here To Party dropped March 5, 2013. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Usually games between rivals are heated, nasty and tense, but two boys in El Paso, Texas, are paving the way for sportsmanship.


Mitchell Marcus was the team manager for Coronado High School. It was his dream and his team’s goal all season to get Mitchell a basket in a game. The final game versus Franklin High was almost at an end and with two minutes left on the clock, Coach Peter Morales put Mitchell in the game. His team set up a few shots but he wasn’t able to make the basket. Just when it looked like the game was over for Mitchell, Franklin High got the ball.

Franklin player Jon Montanez was on the side line to throw the ball in. He called Mitchell’s name and tossed him the ball. The game swarmed about Mitchell as he made his basket. Coronado won the game in the end, but that didn’t matter. It was Jon’s sportsmanship and Mitchell’s great shot that will be remembered.

Ellen: Mitchell Marcus Basketball Star

Ellen was so touched by their story. Mitchell was crying on her couch as the watched the replay.


Jon said in the moment he put the rivalry aside and no one told him to give Mitchell the ball. Everyone wanted Mitchell to have his moment and Mitchell’s mother was especially touched by the kindness. Jon’s mother said that even as a little boy he was trying to help everyone. He shaved his head at age 3 to support his aunt who was going through chemo.

Coach Morales said it was the greatest moment of his coaching career. Ellen gave them jerseys and sent the boys to a Clippers game to have fun before coming on her show. She said it made her so happy to know that people like Mitchell and Jon are in the world.

Ellen: Luke Bryan Spring Break…Here To Party

One of Ellen’s good friends and one of the hottest country music stars today, Luke Bryan stopped by to perform and talk about his newest gig, hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards. He performed “Buzzkill/Drunk On You” for Ellen’s audience and the ladies went wild. This is a real country boy, ladies. He’s charming, funny, and I wouldn’t mind watching him ride a tractor through the fields all day long.

People named Bryan one of the sexiest men alive. Ellen called it long before he started blowing up. She had him report from the CMA red carpet two years in a row. He had fun with Tim McGraw and Kellie Pickler on the red carpet. He said that Ellen’s side jobs gave him the credentials to host the Academy of Country Music Awards this year.

Bryan’s new CD dropped today. You can get Spring Break…Here to Party just in time for your spring break road trip.


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