Ellen & Kristin Chenoweth Respond To One Million Moms Protests


Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth

Who’s on your Unhateable List? There are some people in life that are just so pleasant, charming, and talented that you can’t imagine anyone hating them.

For me, Kristin Chenoweth is definitely on the Unhateable List. The star of ABC’s new soap, GCB, talked about her Neutrogena Build a Tan, which she uses all over her body.


Kristin Chenoweth stands just 4’11”, but she has a huge presence and a loveable personality.

Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth GCB

Ellen compared notes with Kristin Chenoweth on being protested by One Million Moms. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

If she’s looking extra glowy, it could be because she recently vacationed at the Viceroy in Anguilla. Ellen agreed that this is a beautiful getaway spot.


Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth One Million Moms Protest

Kristin Chenoweth said she is having a good time being bad in her new soapy primetime drama. Her character is named Carlene Cockburn, and “she stirs it up and then prays for everybody,” Kristin explained.

She also said that the acronym GCB stands for Good Christian Belles, which is different from the title of the book that inspired it, Good Christian Bitches.

One Million Moms Boycott Ellen & Kristin Chenoweth

Some groups have taken issue with the title and the show’s depiction of Christian faith. Among the protesters are One Million Moms, the same group that recently tried to boycott Ellen.

“I heard they moved on from me and they were now after you,” Ellen said. She thanked Kristin for “luring them away.”

Read about the Flash Mob Inspired by the OMM Ellen Protest.

Ellen: ‘Kristin Chenoweth Is a Good Christian’

But Kristin said that she is a Christian and she is not out to hate or judge anyone. She said she believes in tolerance and acceptance, and isn’t trying to offend anyone with her work.

Ellen said that Kristin is a great example of Christian values. “You would be a good example for people who call themselves Christians,” Ellen said. “You would be a wonderful example to say it’s all about love, it’s all about acceptance. It’s all about ‘love thy neighbor.’ That’s all it’s always been about.”

Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth GCB

Kristin did admit that some aspects of the show remind her of her Southern upbringing. She said that the South is sometimes inaccurately portrayed, and said that the people of the South are very genuine.

She also explained a Southern custom that excuses any putdown or negative comment you have to offer about someone. “If you say ‘Bless your heart’ when you’re done with whatever insult, it doesn’t count,” Kristin explained.



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    I’ve read Chenoweth elsewhere and I’ve lived in Virginia all my live. Elsewhere she was being tongue-in-cheek when she said “If you say ‘Bless your heart’ when you’re done with whatever insult, it doesn’t count.” OF course it counts….In fact, it’s part of the insult.

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