Ellen: Ikea Sells Houses & One Million Moms Quit Protesting Ellen


Ellen: New Ikea Houses

Ellen DeGeneres filled DJ Tony in on the newest offerings from Swedish retailer Ikea. They are branching out into selling prefabricated houses, fully stocked with Ikea furniture and appliances.

The Ikea house includes one bedroom, one bath, and some Swedish furniture that Ellen rattled off using gibberish. The house is only $86,000, but “of course you have to put the whole house together yourself,” Ellen said. “If you have any pieces leftover, I would not go up on the roof.”


This is actually a real story, though you don’t have to put the houses together yourself, according to The Huffington Post story.

Ellen: One Million Moms

Conservative group One Million Moms announced this week that they're "moving on" from their protest of the host's gig as JC Penney spokeperson. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: One Million Moms Controversy Ends

You may have heard that a conservative organization called One Million Moms recently came out in protest of Ellen DeGeneres.


The group tried to pressure department store JC Penney to fire Ellen as their spokesperson, because they didn’t feel she reflects their values. But viewers, fans, and the company stood behind Ellen.

This week, One Million Moms decided to end their protest of Ellen, her show, and JC Penney stores, admitting defeat and announcing that they’re “moving on.” You’ve got to hand it to Ellen for staying classy throughout the whole situation.


Ellen: Dance Dares Update

Ellen shared more of her audience Dance Dares, featuring viewers dancing behind unsuspecting and oblivious strangers in public places. Today’s compilation featured moves at the grocery store, photo center, produce aisle greeting card aisle, and even a hair salon.

There were also offices, libraries, and even some misbehaving choir members, as well as more than a few close calls. Several students even had an impromptu dance party while their teacher was writing on the chalkboard.

Ellen rewarded viewers for sending in their dance dare videos by giving them JC Penney Gift Cards.

Ellen Does a Dance Dare

Ellen got in on the fun of Dance Dares during a recent trip to the beach with her wife, Portia De Rossi, Ellen’s brother Vance, and his girlfriend Joanne. “It’s hard to dance behind someone walking on the sand, but I tried,” she said.

Ellen’s video was not the best, and her brother totally busted her in the end. That should disqualify her from getting a JC Penney gift card.

Ellen: St. Patrick’s Day Dance Dares

Ellen asked viewers to submit St. Patrick’s Day themed Dance Dares by dancing jigs behind strangers. You can submit them to Ellen’s YouTube page or find instructions at ellentv.com.

Ellen: Cover From Anotha Motha

Ellen introduced another Cover From Anotha Motha video, featuring interpretive readings of popular songs by distinguished women. Today’s readings included LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It,” Kelis’s “Milkshake,” and the classic “Baby Got Back.”

One day Ellen’s mom is going to get on this, and she might not think it’s so funny.


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