Ellen: Hunger Games Premiere & Josh Johnson Tap Dancing Update


Ellen: The Hunger Games Black Carpet

Last week, Ellen send audience member Sarah and staffer Jeannie to the Black Carpet premiere of The Hunger Games movie.

They talked to stars like Liam Hensworth and told him the story of Sarah’s Kiss From Lenny Kravitz. To decide who was the best kisser, Sarah also got pecks from Liam, as well as Josh Hutcherson.


Ellen: Hunger Games Premiere

Ellen got a report from the Black Carpet premiere of the new movie "The Hunger Games." (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

Sarah also met former Grey’s Anatomy guest star Levin Rambin, who signed her nursing scrubs. Jacqueline Emerson called Ellen her favorite show, and submitted to Sarah’s nursing exam.

They asked Jennifer Lawrence what Ellen’s special skill would be at The Hunger Games. Jennifer of course said dancing, which Ellen loves to do.


Ellen has been talking about The Hunger Games a lot recently.

Ellen: Josh Johnson Tap Dancing Update

Did you ever think that your hobby could change your life? That’s what has happened to tap dancing college student Josh Johnson.

Recently, Ellen DeGeneres told the story of the student, who spends his weekends performing on New York City subways to help pay for his college tuition.

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After receiving thousands of comments and letters from viewers, Ellen invited Josh back for an update on everything that’s happened to him.

Ellen: Josh Johnson Plan A

Ellen said that Josh has a motto for his life, called Plan A. “If you set yourself up with a Plan A situation or a Plan A goal, you’re working really hard,” he said. “You have to commit your heart, your soul, everything into your Plan A, and don’t have a Plan B.”

That’s because a Plan B keeps you from putting forth your best effort. Josh said focusing intently on your Plan A will help you achieve your goals, and he believes that you can do anything if you are persistent and hard working.

“I believe that our thoughts create reality,” Ellen said, getting metaphysical for a moment. “Our thoughts are energy and everything else comes to us based on how we think, and what we think about things.”

Ellen: Josh Johnson Life Goals

Josh told Ellen that he has four life goals at the moment. He wants to graduate from college, “fix my living situation,” and star in a movie with Will Smith. You can’t say this guy is not ambitious.

His last goal is to teach President Obama how to tap dance. “I can’t teach him how to Dougie, but I’ll teach him how to shuffle,” Josh said.

Ellen promised to invite Josh back the next time President Obama visits her show.

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Ellen: Josh Johnson Will Smith Surprise

Josh said Will Smith is one of his heroes, and he grew up on reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, watching marathons of the ‘90s sitcom. “It’s like he raised me almost,” Josh said.

To help Josh meet his idol, Ellen is sending him to work the red carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. This year’s awards are being hosted by Will Smith, so I guess we haven’t seen the last of Josh.

Ellen: Josh Johnson Summer PR Internship

“You have the energy inside of you to make dreams come true,” Ellen said. Josh is majoring in Business Marketing and Communications, and Ellen had one more surprise for Josh.

She said that Euro RSCG Worldwide is a top public relations agency. They are offering him a paid summer internship, including housing accommodations, in New York City in summer 2012.

To help him update his wardrobe for the new gig, Ellen threw in a $1,000 JC Penney gift card.

“You poppin’, shorty,” Josh told Ellen.


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