Ellen: How To Pronounce Croissant & Wells Fargo Tornado Relief


Ellen: 1,500th Episode Countdown

Ellen DeGeneres is marking a major milestone. She will soon be celebrating her 1,500th show, after nine seasons on the air. “I think this year will be very, very special, because according to the Mayans, it’s our last,” she said.

Ellen: Mayan Calendar

Ellen said that the Mayan Calendar predicts the world will end in December 2012. She also said that people are stocking up on food and water. For survival preparedness, she recommended her book Seriously…I’m Kidding, which she claims features survival tips.


She also decided to have an Armageddon Sale in the Ellen Shop, quipping that “Armageddon means You’re-mageddon great prices on Ellen Underwear.”

Ellen: Pronunciation Guide

Ellen shared more parody videos from the YouTube Pronunciation Guide, which won’t help anyone learn English.

Signs of the Apocalypse

Of course, we don’t know for sure when the world will end. But one of the signs scientists suggest could be a warning is animals exhibiting strange behavior. To illustrate this, she showed a clip of a dog on a riding lawnmower.


Watch the Dog Riding the Lawnmower on YouTube.

People acting strange is another apocalypse warning sign. To illustrate this, she shared a clip of a man playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” using squeaky toy cats.

Click here to watch a Man Playing the Cat Organ on YouTube.

Ellen: Wells Fargo Tornado Relief

Last week, tornadoes devastated several American communities as they ripped through the South and Midwest. Since Ellen DeGeneres is all about giving back, Lisa Stevens of Wells Fargo stopped by to let Ellen and the audience know how they can help their neighbors in need.

Lisa said Wells Fargo has more than 260,000 employees, and they were inspired by Ellen to donate to the American Red Cross and help with disaster relief.

The employees of Wells Fargo donated $100,000 to the Red Cross. If you’d like to get involved, visit redcross.org.

Ellen: Pronunciation Guide

Ellen is obsessed with the parody Pronunciation Guide on YouTube, which teaches people how to incorrectly pronounce English words. Among today’s words is New Orleans, which Ellen is visiting this weekend to do charity work with Brad Pitt.

Here are links to today’s Pronunciation Guide videos:

Click here to see more highlights from the Pronunciation Guide.

Ellen: Staff Babies

Ellen welcomed a new member to the Ellen Show family. The show’s VP of integration, Alana Calderon, and her husband Greg, welcomed baby Rielyn to their family, and Ellen showed a baby picture.

Ellen showed a chart comparing the lengths of all the babies born to her staffers so far in 2012. Rielyn is the shortest by a full inch. I agree with DJ Tony that there must be something in the water at the show if they’re producing this many babies.

Ellen Dance Song: “Burn Rubber On Me”

Today Ellen and the audience danced to the song “Burn Rubber On Me” by The Gap Band.

Click here to download an MP3 of The Gap Band’s “Burn Rubber On Me.”


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