Ellen: First Lady Michelle Obama Joining Forces Military Initiative


Ellen: Michelle Obama

Ellen DeGeneres and First Lady Michelle Obama cooked up multiple surprises for some military families. The First Lady was visiting veterans and their families in Jacksonville, Florida. To get the surprises started, Ellen let us listen in on the speech the First Lady was giving to the Florida families, which was about the unique perspectives and experiences that military families have.

“You all have lived lives that make you incredibly special young individuals,” she said. “As military kids, you have learned lessons and had experiences that many people don’t have in their entire lifetimes.”


Ellen: Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama worked with Ellen to thank military families for their service. (Image Credit: Suzanne Tucker / Shutterstock.com)

After the First Lady thanked the military families and their parents, praising their “patriotism, sacrifice, and service,” she introduced Ellen’s special surprise appearance via satellite.

Ellen: Michelle Obama Joining Forces Initiative

The young audience was thrilled that Ellen was a surprise guest at their event. The First Lady explained that this event was part of Joining Forces, a national initiative to honor US troops and their families.


“This is the one year anniversary. We’ve made some amazing strides, and we’re here with some amazing kids to give them a special thank you,” the First Lady said.

Ellen: Joining Forces For Military Families

Michelle Obama said that Joining Forces hopes to spur every citizen to recognize the service of America’s military families. She said we can all find ways to give back to military families by finding out what is needed locally, or offering their special talents and services as a thank you.

For more information on how to get involved, you can check out the initiative’s website at joiningforces.gov.

Ellen Vs Michelle Obama Push Ups

Ellen confronted the First Lady about their recent Push Up Contest, which the First Lady won handily. “I did 20 and you did 25,” Ellen recalled, showing a quick flashback clip to the impromptu contest.

“I could have done 35,” Mrs. Obama said. “I stopped ‘cause I felt bad for you.” Ellen said it was time for a commercial break, and as the theme music played, she got down on the floor and practiced her Push Ups, in case there is a rematch later.


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