Ellen: American Idol Elise Testone & Kindle Fire for Whitney School


Ellen: Elise Testone American Idol

To hear Ellen DeGeneres tell it, all of her favorite singers have already been kicked off the current season of American Idol. That was her problem when she was a judge on that show as well: she was nice to everyone to the point of dishonesty.

Ellen: Elise Testone

American Idol contestant Elise Testone dispelled romance rumors & performed for Ellen. (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


That’s no indictment of Elise Testone, who was eliminated from the competition last week, in another shocking surprise to the audience. The thing about that is, America votes (or doesn’t vote) for these singers, so there have got to be a good number of fans among the viewing public who are satisfied with these results. It’s an unfriendly system, but that’s the nature of it.

Ellen: American Idol’s Elise Testone Eliminated

Ellen predicted great success for Elise, whom she called fantastic. She’ll be on the American Idol live tour this summer, and she’s excited about “singing whole songs, not just a little tease,” she said, promising to “get into it.”

Tour dates and ticket information will be available at americanidol.com.


Ellen DeGeneres loved her performances, and Elise said she could’ve come to the show tapings. But Ellen said that the tight schedule was one of her biggest conflicts during the season she served as a judge on the panel.

Ellen: Elise Testone & Phillip Phillips

During this season, Elise bonded with fellow contestant Phillip Phillips. Elise was quick to point out that the two are not dating, noting their seven-year age difference. “He’s definitely one of my best friends on the show. I think we’re very similar state of mind and the way we sing, and the musicians we like,” she said.

She took a cop out on the question of who will win the season, predicting that she would win, which is of course impossible.

Ellen: Elise Testone “You and I” Performance

Elise Testone performed her rendition of Lady Gaga’s “You and I” for Ellen and the audience, accompanied by American Idol pianist Michael Orland.

Ellen: Whitney Elementary School & Kindle Fire

Ellen checked in one last time with Jeannie and Principal Sherri Gahn at Las Vegas’s Whitney Elementary School. She had a final surprise for the students and faculty.

“Looking at their faces when they walk in the library, that just makes me so happy,” Ellen said. “They’re so eager to learn and all they need is the stuff.”

She said Amazon, Random House, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt gave every student and faculty member at Whitney Elementary School a pre-loaded Kindle Fire tablet.

That’s a great way to end what was an awesome year at Whitney Elementary School.


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