Ellen: 2012 Tax Deadline, Friday the 13th & Double Dutch Dog Video


Ellen: Friday the 13th Staff Horror Stories

Ellen asked DJ Tony how he felt about Friday the 13th. He said he’s not very superstitious, but he wouldn’t want to tempt fate. “I just hope one of those lights don’t fall on you,” Ellen said.

She also asked some of her staff members to share their unlucky moments with the audience.


Ellen: Unlucky Moments & Friday The 13th

Ellen: 2012 Taxes

Have you filed your taxes yet? The deadline this year is April 17 2012, and Ellen had some suggestions to make your return go easier.

Dave was the first staffer to share his story. He said the nightmare of showing up to work half naked came true for him today. The camera revealed he wasn’t wearing pants, and his lower half was pixelated.

Ellen Scares Staffer Lindsay Indermill

Associate producer Lindsay Indermill started working on the show this season, and Ellen revealed that she got the chance to scare Lindsay before she’d even met her. In a clip from September 2011, Ellen hid behind an office door when Lindsay came in to fill out paperwork. Then of course Ellen jumped out and scared Lindsay, who screamed in terror.


More recently, the show asked her to tell that story for this segment. But when Lindsay began to tell the story, Ellen snuck up behind her and freaked her out again.

Ellen: 2012 Tax Deadline

Though tax returns may seem unlucky, you do get two extra days to complete your return this year. This year’s tax deadline is extended to Tuesday, April 17, 2012. But since a lot of procrastinators have waited till the last minute and will be doing their taxes over the weekend, Ellen wanted to share her advice on how to make the process more fun and enjoyable.

Ellen: Tax Flask Calculator

Ellen revealed her Fun Tax Ideas. Since you need a calculator to help you do your taxes, she showed off a two-in-one product: a combination calculator and flask.

Ellen: Tax Receipt Dress

She also dressed up staffer Lauren in a dress ensemble created entirely from tax receipts. “It’s a dress made of all your receipts,” Ellen explained. “You can wear it to the H&R Block and you ask questions like, ‘Are these deductions too big? Not big enough?’”

Lauren lied that it was comfortable, but I’d be afraid of getting a paper cut. It must be nice for Ellen to have a staff she can constantly scare and embarrass.

I hope you’ve already made arrangements regarding your 2012 taxes. But if not, what are you doing procrastinating online? Don’t forget that April 17 2012 deadline.

Ellen: Double Dutch Dog Video

Ellen DeGeneres found a YouTube video of a dog that can actually Double Dutch. He seems to be awesome at it, and it’s a great way to smile and kick off the weekend.

Watch Double Dutch Dog on YouTube.


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