Ellen: 2012 London Olympics, Walgreens Saturdate & DJ Tony’s CD


Ellen: 2012 Summer Olympics

With the 2012 London Summer Olympics just a few months away, Ellen DeGeneres is looking forward to inviting the big winners to be guests on her show in the fall. She also gave the audience a preview of the non-competition wardrobe for the US Olympic Athletes, designed by Ralph Lauren.

All the Olympic action from London will be available online, on NBC, and on a variety of cable channels in July 2012.


Ellen called the look vintage, which got her thinking about the progression of sports uniforms over the decades, especially with regard to female athletes. She presented her findings, and I have to say she had a point about some of these things.

Ellen: Vintage Uniforms

Ellen noted that women's sports uniforms have evolved a lot over the years.

Ellen: Female Athletes Uniforms Through The Years

Back in 1905, a woman wore a long white dress to play tennis, which had to be hard to run in. “That was actually before women had the right to bend their arms,” Ellen said. She compared that to a much more colorful getup Venus Williams recently wore, including a visor, earrings, and a top with a lattice midriff.


Another archival photo, this time of a woman playing golf, featured a woman in another long white dress, complimented with a safari hat. “When women used to go golfing, they used to bring two dresses with them, in case they got a hole in one,” Ellen said. That is a joke worthy of Classic Joke Monday.

Ellen also had a photo of old time women sledding in black dresses. The good news is that women have a lot more fashionable options, both during and outside athletic competitions these days. Just today, Dr Oz spoke about Bra Solutions for active women.

Ellen: Prom Memories

Since prom season is in full swing, Ellen invited her staff to share their greatest prom memories.

Writer Amy Rhodes recalled a fantasy scenario of getting voted prom queen and king with the varsity quarterback, before admitting that she actually went to the prom with her brother.
“We didn’t have prom in juvy,” recalled Jen Scurria from the show’s craft services department.
Stagehand Dave St. Amand showed off that he still fit into his yellow velvet tux, except he couldn’t quite get the pants up.

Ellen: Walgreens Saturdate Beauty Advice

If you’re heading to prom this month, you’ll want to make sure you look your best beforehand. Ellen sent Jeannie to a Chicago Walgreens store, where the company’s Saturdate programs gives customers a chance to try new Olay and Cover Girl products. Via Twitter, Ellen invited her fans to show up at the store, and they did so in droves, despite the rain.

Jeannie had a tray featuring six beauty products. Ellen challenged the crowd to come up with slogans and model the products, promising to unveil the results and surprise a winner later in the show.

Ellen invited everyone in her studio audience to take home a $100 Walgreens gift card, inviting them to check out the Saturdate program on Saturday May 5 2012 at local Walgreens stores.

DJ Tony: A Night To Remember

Ellen welcomed DJ Tony back to the show after his day off. While he was out, Jersey Shore Star Pauly D filled in as guest DJ. DJ Tony spent his time off visiting Canada, where he was promoting his new release, A Night To Remember. Of course he politely brought a copy for everyone in the audience.

But Ellen showed a Photoshopped picture of Tony at a One Direction concert to implicate him as a fan slacking during his day off. At least he was a good sport, as usual.

Ellen Dance Song: “I Wish”

Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” provided accompaniment for Ellen and the audience during their dance today.


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