‘Dark Shadows’ Movie Trailer Premiere & Drew Brees Shopping Spree


Ellen: Dark Shadows Movie Trailer

Ellen DeGeneres shared the premeire of a new movie trailer. Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer star in Tim Burton’s latest movie, Dark Shadows.

Dark Shadows is based on the 1960s cult TV series, and tells the supernatural story of a vampire who finds himself in the 1970s.


Ellen: Dark Shadows Trailer

Ellen premiered the trailer for the new Tim Burton & Johnny Depp movie Dark Shadows. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Dark Shadows Trailer Review

Vampire movies continue to be en vogue right now, and this effort clearly hopes to capitalize on that, while also employing as many cliched representations of the American 1970s as possible.

Of course, it is sometimes unfair to judge movies by their trailers, and it’s funnier than it seems like it should be. Are you excited for the upcoming Dark Shadows movie?


Fans of Tim Burton or Johnny Depp should be in for a treat when the movie opens in theaters in May 2012.

Ellen: Drew Brees Football Audience Game

Ellen invited Drew Brees back for an audience game. Audience members Melissa and Meredith joined Drew to play a football-themed version of a popular carnival game.

Drew partnered with Meredith, a pharmacist in St. Louis. Ellen teamed with Melissa, a new mom from San Diego.

You’ve probably seen the duck shooting games on the midway at carnivals or fairs. But in this version, contestants throw footballs to knock down the ducks. The goal is for your team to chuck the most ducks in 30 seconds.

Ellen: Drew Brees Football Duck Hunt

Ellen and Melissa elinated seven ducks. That was the number Meredith and NFL quarterback Drew Brees had to beat.

They of course did so with ease, obliterating the ducks in the process. Both audience contestants won $1,000 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards. Ellen also awarded the rest of her audience with $100 gift cards.

You’ve got to feel bummed if you’re in Ellen’s audience on a day when she isn’t giving away lots of swag.

Ellen: Drew Brees Shopping Spree

Drew Brees said a new Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial is based on the idea that “when you combine mind, body, and equipment, you become untouchable.” He said that is what every athlete strives for.

The new commercial is online on the Dick’s website, dickssportinggoods.com, and visitors can enter to win a $1,000 shopping spree with Drew at their local store.


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