Lady Gaga, Pink, Meryl Streep & Bono: Ellen Celebrity Birthday Wishes


Pink & Baby Willow: Ellen Celebrity Birthday Wishes

Alecia “Pink” Moore was on Ellen via video feed to wish Ellen a happy 54th birthday. As part of the surprise, Pink brought the camera inside so that her infant daugher, Willow Sage Heart, could wish Ellen a happy birthday as well.

“Look! Look!” Pink said enthusiastically to Willow, attempting to get her to look at the camera despite that she seemed more interested in staring at her father, Carey Hart. “I know…Daddy’s cuter.”


Pink, Lady Gaga & Meryl Streep: Ellen Celebrity Birthday Wishes

Countless stars, including music superstars Pink, Lady Gaga, and Bono, and acting legend Meryl Streep, sent Ellen celebrity birthday wishes . (Northfoto /

After the video, Jimmy Kimmel, who was cohosting Ellen‘s birthday episode, said that Pink‘s baby was adorable but he qualified that she was “not as adorable as me in my pajama jeans!”

Bono & Meryl Streep: Ellen Celebrity Birthday Wishes

“Big celebrities everywhere are celebrating this special day,” Jimmy said to introduce the video montage he made of different celebrities wishing Ellen a happy 54th birthday.


The video started with Stevie Wonder singing “Happy Birthday” and playing harmonica.

After that, Sting, Meryl Streep, and the Black Eyed Peas wished her happy birthday. Brittany and Drew Brees came next and Drew told Ellen “I’m going to put an extra candle in my cake too!”

Josh Duhamel made an appearance in the video and thanked Ellen for inspiring him to take off his clothes.

Ricky Gervais & Bono: Ellen Celebrity Birthday Wishes

The funniest part of the video was definitely Ricky Gervais. He came on and told Ellen, “I’ve been given the daunting task of going over your career highlights.” Then he immediately started stammering, almost thinking of things and then saying “Nah…that wasn’t you.” It was Ricky‘s trademark dry awkward humor.

From there, Bono made an appearance, as did the cast of Jersey Shore.

Russell Brand showed up in the video and congratulated Ellen, saying “You continue to be alive for consecutive years–WELL DONE!”

Vince Vaughn came next and hammed up his birthday wishes for comedic effect.

“I’ve been asked this question many times, ‘What does Ellen mean to me?'” Vince said. “And I can’t put it into words.”

Sofia Vergara Ellen Celebrity Birthday Wish

Sofia Vergara had a hilarious cameo in which she donned slap dash makeup to reference the episode in which Ellen applied makeup all over Sofia‘s face.

“Sad birthday to you!” Sofia jokingly shouted at the camera.

The video rounded out with birthday wishes from Rob Lowe, Nolan Gould, Lenny Kravitz, Kristin Chenoweth, Eddie Murphy, and Lady Gaga.

“Thank you so much for inspiring me and people all over the world to be themselves,” Lady Gaga said.

Once the video montage ended, Jimmy started laughing and said, “About time we got Bono, Meryl Streep, and the cast from Jersey Shore together.”


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