Ellen: Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ Tour, Boyfriend Jacket & Diploma


Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend Jacket & Ellen’s Girlfriend Jacket

Justin Bieber came back to see Ellen and had a special announcement – Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour dates are out (more about tickets and the tour below)!  During Justin Bieber’s entire interview on the Ellen Show, Justin was wearing a jacket that was reminiscent in style of a high school varsity athletics jacket.

Ellen: Justin Bieber's Believe Tour Dates

Justin Bieber's Believe Tour Dates and ticket information were announced on Ellen's Show. (Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com)


“What’s the back of your jacket say?” Ellen asked. Justin turned around to show that the back of his jacket said “boyfriend” across the shoulders. The crowd went crazy. Then Justin pulled out a jacket that said “girlfriend” across the back and gave it to Ellen.

Ellen: Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour 2012 – 2013

Ellen prompted Justin to make a special announcement he had told her about backstage.

“I’m announcing my tour!” he shouted. “We have the dates.”


“Justin and I talked before the show and he said, ‘I want to announce my tour’ and I said, ‘If you’re going to announce your tour, you should at least give everybody here a chance to go,'” Ellen said. Subsequently, she announced that each audience member would receive a pair of tickets to one of Justin‘s concerts.

Ellen: Justin Bieber Boyfriend Performance

“Here to perform ‘Boyfriend,’ a single he wrote for me,” began Ellen as she introduced Justin Bieber. “Give it up for the incredibly talented Justin Bieber.”

“Boyfriend” is the first single off of Justin‘s new album Believe, due out June 19.

Though the song was really just another three-minute pop single, interchangeable with most every other three-minute pop single from the last decade, Justin‘s performance was very high quality. He and his band performed the song very well.

The most stunning part of the show was the choreography. He had around eight dancers who really supported his stage presence magnificently. The moves all fit the song well and gave the performance a lot of energy.

It was particularly cool to see Justin run through Ellen‘s audience giving high-fives to his fans. It seemed to show that he’s still humble enough to reach out to them, despite his unbelievable success.

Ellen Gives Justin Bieber High School Diploma

“I know you graduated a week ago and you didn’t have a traditional graduation ceremony,” Ellen said to Justin. “So I’m going to give you one right here.”

A stage was brought out with a podium and Ellen and Justin donned the typical graduation gowns. Ellen was wearing a graduation cap as well, but Justin wasn’t at first.

“Before we begin, I know how important your hair is,” Ellen said as stage hands brought out a graduation cap that was attached to shoulder braces and hung well above Justin‘s head so that it would mess up his hair.

There ceremony was mostly filled with friendly teasing from Ellen

“Today is an important day,” she said. “It’s dollar taco day at the Warner Brothers’ cafeteria. But enough about that. We’re here to celebrate the accomplishments of the Biebs, who is a great American who happens to be from Canada.”

Ellen marveled at how much Justin has accomplished, despite his youth.

“When I was 18, my biggest accomplishment was drinking a whole bottle of boysenberry syrup at the International House of Pancakes,” she said.

Ellen referred to Justin‘s start as a performer and how her show was the first he had ever been on. She said she wouldn’t be able to be there for him like that in the future so he’s going to have to be prepared.

“You’re going to need a strong character, good business sense, and a pair of suspenders,” she said. “Seriously those pants need to be pulled up at some point.”

After Justin took a moment to tell a few jokes of his own, Ellen handed him a diploma.

“Is this real?” Justin asked. Upon unrolling the diploma, he seemed shock to find that it was very official looking.


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