Ellen: Teen Musicians Miles Erlich and Colton Stewart


Ellen: Miles Erlich and Colton Stewart

Ellen loves discovering great things on the internet, from talented singers to adorable kittens, and everything in between. One of Ellen’s latest and greatest finds was a video posted by two best friends from Ontario, Canada, Miles Erlich and Colton Stewart.

Miles Erlich & Colton Stewart: Ellen

Talented teen singers Miles Erlich and Colton Stewart performed a cover of “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz for the Ellen audience. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Miles and Colton first caught Ellen’s eye when she saw them sing a great acoustic cover of one of her favorite songs, “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. Ellen was so taken with the young talents that she just had to meet them! They appeared on the show to sing “I Won’t Give Up” live for the audience.

Miles Erlich & Colton Stewart: “I Won’t Give Up” Cover

Before they sang, Miles and Colton sat down with Ellen for a chat, and Ellen told them that from their singing to their smiles, they just make her happy. Colton plays both the guitar and drums, but has had no formal training. He also revealed that one of his obsessions is The Lawrence Welk Show, which he was forced to watch by his grandmother. The old variety show is certainly an odd obsession to have for such a young kid, but Lawrence Welk has inspired him!

Both Colton and Miles also revealed that they have been bullied because of their passion for singing and artistic things. However, it doesn’t bother either of them anymore, because they are happy. “People shouldn’t love what you do, they should love who you are,” Colton wisely told Ellen.


Ellen: Gibson Guitar & Pearl Drum Set Giveaway

Miles and Colton’s acoustic performance received a standing ovation from the crowd. Unlike much of the manufactured pop music that we hear on the radio today, Miles and Colton are two true, natural, talents. It’s easy to see why Ellen loved their music!

Ellen surprised the boys with a Gibson guitar for Miles and an incredible Pearl red drum set for Colton. Colton was especially excited, as it was the exact drum set he’s always dreamed of owning. Remember the names Miles Erlich and Colton Stewart, because hopefully, we’ll be seeing them again in the very near future!


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