Ellen: Michael Buble 2013 Tour Starts September 7 & Baby Due in August


Ellen: Michael Buble To Be Loved Number One Album

Everyone loves a bow tie and everyone loves Michael Buble. When combined, the swoon effect is ridiculously high.

He started by congratulating Ellen on her 70-some Emmy nominations. She said pretty much everyone on the staff got nominated. I really hope that Amy wins an award for her excellent drunken sketches.


Ellen: Michael Buble 2013 Tour Starts September 7 & Baby Due in August

Michael Buble announced his 2013 U.S. tour starts on September 7 2013. He and his wife are expecting their first child in August. It’s an exciting time. (image credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Michael Buble Expecting First Child

Ellen congratulated Michael on all of his success. A new baby, a newlywed and the number one album in the country right now, To Be Loved. He said that he will never create anything “a billionth” as good as his son.

Ellen wanted to get baby Buble something unique. What better than a matching outfit with his dad? Michael was recently in People’s Channing Tatum issue, dressed in his finest Magic Mike apparel. The baby got a cowboy hat and blue jeans. The most styling baby still in the womb.


Michael Buble Announces U.S. Tour

Michael Buble announced that he is starting his North American tour on September 7 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Buble gives a very high energy show, so this would be a good tour to go see.

Michael Buble: “It’s a Beautiful Day” Performance

The newest single from Michael Buble is “Beautiful Day.” The song is probably the best original song on To Be Loved. It’s a really great summer song, especially if you want to let off steam. It’s for those days when your partner or crush just really ticks you off and you want to say, “See ya, bub.”

Michael went into the audience and danced with the women. They went wild. It was comparable to that scene from Bye Bye Birdie, where Conrad Birdie makes all of the girls scream and faint.


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