Ellen: Korean Rapper Psy “Gangnam Style” Performance


Psy: “Gangnam Style” Mania

Ellen: Korean Rapper Psy "Gangnam Style" Performance

“Gangnam Style” is taking over the world, so the man behind the hit, Korean rapper Psy, joined Ellen to perform for the audience.

It looks like we’ve found our new “Call Me Maybe!” If you’ve been living anywhere near planet earth within the past few weeks (and hopefully you have), then you’ve at least heard about the viral video that has taken the internet by storm: “Gangnam Style.”  It has inspired countless creative copycat videos, and become a huge hit on both the radio and the charts–despite the fact that most Americans don’t know what any of the words mean!


The man behind this incredible video, Korean rapper Psy, has recently been making appearances in the U.S. from coast to coast. Just recently, he performed his signature moves in front of millions of viewers on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.  

Psy even previously appeared on Ellen, where he taught pop superstar Britney Spears how to dance “Gangnam Style.” Whether you’re a famous celebrity, a talented mother and son dance duo, or just an average Joe, “Gangnam Style” fever is certainly contagious.

Psy: “Gangnam Stye” Performance on Ellen

This time on Ellen, Psy returned with a real-life performance of his hit song. Featuring glitzy set decorations, glamorous back-up dancers, flashing lights, and the bow-tie clad rapper’s now-classic “pony dance” and other fun moves, it was a truly exciting performance to watch. Ellen and her audience loved it, and everyone got in on the fun, dancing right along to the infectious beat. It’s pretty clear why the song has become such a worldwide smash; it’s so much fun, and really gets people moving! Are you inspired to throw together some friends and make your own “Gangnam Style” copycat video? I’m sure Ellen would love to see it!



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