Ellen: Hillary Scott Baby Drum Kit & Lady Antebellum “Downtown” Review


Ellen: Hillary Scott Baby Shower & Pink Cowboy Boots

The members of Lady Antebellum are all settled and have their families growing. Hillary Scott is having a baby at the end of July, a little girl. Ellen threw her an impromptu baby show, complete with her cravings: cupcakes and pop tarts.

Ellen: Hillary Scott Baby Drum Kit & Lady Antebellum "Downtown" Review

Ellen threw Hillary Scott and Lady Antebellum a baby shower/CD release party. Their new album, Golden, is out now. (Image Credit: Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen gave Baby Scott a basket of country-themed goodies to get her started right. The baby has pink cowboy boots and a cowboy hat to match. She can style up her Ellen onesies.

Lady Antebellum Loves Ellen Underwear

“I think you’re using me for my underwear,” Ellen said.

Charles Kelley wore his Ellen undies to the taping, but requested a few more pairs. He wanted Ellen to tell him the secret to the most comfortable underwear in the world.


“We make them and sell them…me and my mother in the garage,” Ellen said.

This is the first summer that Lady Antebellum won’t be touring. When Hillary Scott goes on maternity leave, the whole band is taking half the summer off. Charles Kelley plans on going to Italy with his wife.

Lady Antebellum “Downtown” Performance On Ellen

Lady Antebellum performed their current hit song, “Downtown.” It’s got great energy. If you didn’t like Lady Antebellum’s ballads, you should give “Downtown” a try. Hillary Scott’s voice is so clear and clean it’s hard to not like her music.

In case you didn’t notice, Hillary’s husband is the drummer for Lady Antebellum. He always makes the best facial expressions during the songs. He gets just as into the music as his wife does. Ellen also gifted Hillary’s baby with a new drum set that she can practice on. Like father like daughter.


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