Ellen: Dave Matthews Band ‘Away From The World’ Review & “Mercy”


Ellen: Dave Matthews Band Performance

No other act in music has sold more tickets over the last decade than Dave Matthews Band. Ellen welcomed them to her studio, as they performed their latest single “Mercy” from their new album Away From the World.

Dave Matthews Band: Away From The World Review

Ellen: Dave Matthews Band 'Away From The World' Review & "Mercy"

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Dave Matthews Band to her studio, as they performed their latest single "Mercy" from their new album Away From the World. (Marc Pagani Photography / Shutterstock.com)


The band kicked off their appearance by performing their newest single “Mercy.” Despite being around for so long, Dave Matthews Band still has it. The performance was good and it very much had the Dave Matthews Band feel to it.

Ellen said it is so great to have him back on the show and she is a huge fan. She said, “It seems that everything he does, every song that he writes turns to gold. He has the Midas touch.” He said he has a great band and they are lucky to have stayed together. He said he watches Ellen and it makes him want to cry with all the people that she touches.

Ellen: Dave Matthews and the Shake Weight

Matthews said he was on the show way back when Ellen first introduced the world to the Shake Weight. He said she introduced it and now it is selling like hotcakes.


Dave Matthews: Breaking Bad Review

Ellen said so many people told her to watch Breaking Bad and there are so many shows on and she started watching it and she is on season three right now. He said he watched from the beginning and he is obsessed.

He said he doesn’t like to watch one episode and then wait a week for the next, so he will ignore the new season save them all until it is finished and then watch them one late, sad night with ice cream. He said in season three it went a little off the wall for him, but season four brought it back and she has it coming.

Dave Matthews Band: “Ants Marching” Single

To close out the show, Dave Matthews Band performed one of their classics. We all know and love it and it is called “Ants Marching.”


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