Ellen: Carrie Underwood’s Surprise ‘Undo It’ Performance


Ellen DeGeneres Loves Music

Like most of us, Ellen DeGeneres makes music a big part of her life, listening to it wherever she goes throughout the day. She talked about how certain songs are right for particular moods, such as high energy songs that you may want to put on your workout playlist. Other songs might make you nostalgic or evoke strong emotions.

“Kids, you have no idea how good you have it,” Ellen said, referring to the evolution of how we listen to favorite songs. It wasn’t that long ago that people listened to music on 45 records that only had one song on each side.


Ellen: Evolution Of Music

The next step was cassette tapes, but finding a song by fast forwarding or rewinding was an inexact science. “I spent most of 1985 trying to listen to ‘Material Girl,’ and I never did get to hear it twice,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Carrie Underwood Undo It

Carrie Underwood surprised Ellen's audience with a performance of her hit song "Undo It." (image credti: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

CDs solved that problem, and now we’re in the digital age, where you can stream music from almost anywhere. She tried to explain cloud technology and server farms, but she got confused by the details. I would too, but I think Ellen got server farms and land-based animal or produce farms mixed up.


However, Ellen is impressed with the customization available today, letting us create and tweak our own personalized stations playing favorite songs, such as her favorite, “hardcore appalachian folk metal.”

Ellen: Carrie Underwood “Undo It” Performance

“But really, when you think about it, nothing beats hearing one of your favorite stars perform life,” Ellen said, before introducing country music superstar and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood for a special performance in place of Ellen’s monologue.

It’s not often that Ellen opens the show with a musical performance, and it was likely a great day to be in the audience, because I bet they got to hear an extra song or two. How about a free intimate concert along with your trip to Ellen’s show?

With her band, Carrie Underwood performed her latest single, “Undo It.” Later in the show, Ellen DeGeneres Talked To Carrie Underwood about her upcoming album and what’s new with the blazing hot country artist.


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