Ellen: Birdy UK Singer Performs ‘Skinny Love’ & MP3 Album


Ellen: Birdy “Skinny Love” Performance

Ellen DeGeneres introduced YouTube sensation and English singing star Birdy. She performed a cover of the Bon Iver song “Skinny Love,” making her American television debut.

What makes it even more amazing is that this girl is just 15 years old. She has an amazing voice, and will likely have a promising career. She is already popular across the pond.


Ellen: British Singer Birdy

British teen music sensation Birdy performed a song for Ellen and talked about being featured on "The Hunger Games" soundtrack.

Ellen: Birdy & The Hunger Games

Birdy told Ellen she has been playing piano since age 7 and began writing her own songs the next year. She is featured on the soundtrack to The Hunger Games movie, which was inspired by her love of the books.

Ellen will be featuring more from The Hunger Games movie on her upcoming shows.


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Ellen: British Singer Birdy

It seems like British imports are becoming more popular in America lately, with the warm welcome for Adele in recent years. This bucks a long standing trend of US music migrating to the rest of the world.

It’s nice that we can recognize the talent in countries other than our own. America certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on talent, and British crossover stars tend to break the cookie cutter mold that infects so much American pop. Are we poised for another British Invasion?

Ellen: British Music in the US

Surely some credit for this phenomenon goes to the Internet effect, with sites like YouTube helping unknown musicians get international exposure in just a few clicks.

It really levels the playing field, creating more of a meritocracy than the record label system or reality competitions that the American music model tends to favor.

But there is an element of marketing involved as well, and since no one knows the magic recipe for making a video or performance go viral, a little luck can still have a hand in the process.

Ellen: Birdy MP3 Album

Birdy’s debut album was released in November 2011. Ellen gave it to her entire studio audience for free.

The song she performed today, “Skinny Love,” originally by Bon Iver, is among the tracks on her debut album.

Click here to download Birdy’s self-titled MP3 album.


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