Ellen: American Idol Lauren Gray & Justin Bieber Birthday Cake


Ellen: Lauren Gray American Idol

Lauren Gray was recently cut from the current season of American Idol, and Ellen could not believe she did not make the Top 24.

Ellen noted that American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez called her one of the show’s best female voices. Ellen told Lauren Gray that she and Portia De Rossi expected her to go much farther in the competition.


“I think you’re fantastic,” Ellen said, inviting Lauren Gray to perform for the audience.

Ellen: American Idol Lauren Gray

American Idol reject Lauren Gray performed "Stand By Me" for Ellen and her audience. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

American Idol: Lauren Gray

Lauren performed the classic song “Stand By Me” for Ellen and her audience, and I don’t know if you have seen her on American Idol, but she does have a strong and sultry voice.


You would think that Ellen would put her money where her mouth is and get some of her favorite amateur musicians involved in her Eleven Eleven record label.

Lauren was accompanied by pianist Michael Orlando. You can see the remaining American Idol contestants battle for this season’s crown Wednesday and Thursday nights on Fox.

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Ellen: Justin Bieber & Megan Mullally

Lauren Gray wasn’t the only performer who sang for Ellen’s audience on today’s show. In honor of Justin Bieber on his 18th birthday, Megan Mullally serenaded the singer. She performed her rendition of “You Give Me Fever,” changing the lyrics to include his last name, Bieber.

Who knew Megan Mullally was such a good singer? Despite her strange nature print shirt, she also gave an entertaining performance, that was seductive in this silliest of ways.

Ellen: Justin Bieber’s 18th Birthday Cake

There was one final surprise waiting in the wings for Justin’s 18th birthday. Earlier, Justin Beiber Got a $100,000 Car and Justin Beiber Surprised a Fan.

At the end of the show, Justin’s grandparents joined him on the set with a birthday cake, featuring a picture of the singer teaching Ellen to do the Dougie dance.

Ellen promised to have Justin Bieber back for his 19th birthday next year. You have to admit that Ellen knows how to throw an amazing birthday party.


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