Ellen: Alicia Keys Brand New Me Performance & 2013 Girl On Fire Tour


Ellen: Alicia Keys

Ellen’s musical superstar guest Alicia Keys has 14 Grammys and spends her time offstage with her growing family. She took Ellen’s stage by storm with her soulful, understated piano playing in “Girl On Fire” and “Brand New Me.”

Ellen: Alicia Keys Girl On Fire Review

Ellen: Alicia Keys Brand New Me Performance & 2013 Girl On Fire Tour

Ellen invited Alicia Keys to perform a medley of two songs from her latest album, “Girl On Fire” and “Brand New Me.” Her 2013 tour kicks off in March. (Sean Nel / Shutterstock.com)


With the autotune craze of the last several years and the flash-in-the-pan acts that come and go, what has shot Alicia Keys to sustained success and recognition for her work? She has real musical talent, from her amazing voice to her skills behind the piano.

Ellen: Alicia Keys Brand New Me

For example, Alicia seamlessly transitioned into a performance of “Brand New Me.” There is something about the piano as a pop instrument that has resonated through the decades, from Elton John and Billy Joel to the likes of Ben Folds and Alicia Keys.

There is something special and powerful about the piano that creates a transcendent musical experience, and Alicia Keys has mastered the art of capturing and capitalizing on that.


Honestly, what do you do after you already have 14 Grammy Awards? Is there a place to put any more? I know that Oprah eventually took herself out of the running for talk show Emmy Awards, but I don’t think that musicians would make that kind of move, because if nothing else, they are probably not putting new music out every single year.

Ellen: Alicia Keys Girl On Fire Giveaway

After her performance, Ellen chatted with Alicia about the latest chapter of her life. Her son is now 28 months old, and Alicia wishes that she could slow his growth down.

Her new tour kicks off March 7 2013 in Seattle, Washington. Ellen’s website is giving away tickets to every Alicia Keys concert on this upcoming tour, and you can download Alicia’s latest album, Girl On Fire.


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