Ellen: Alanis Morissette Guardian from Havoc & Bright Lights Album


Ellen: Alanis Morissette Guardian Song Lyrics

Ellen‘s next guest has sold over 60 million albums and is one of the reasons I became a songwriter,” Katy Perry said, introducing Alanis Morissette.

Ellen: Alanis Morissette Guardian from Havoc & Bright Lights Album

Alanis Morissette played her new song called Guardian from her upcoming album, Havoc & Bright Lights Album, on Ellen. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Alanis played the song “Guardian” from her anticipated album Havoc and Bright Lights. She played guitar and sang, and her band included two backing guitarists, a bassist, a keyboardist, and a drummer.

The song itself was disappointing. It didn’t cover any sort of new territory. It was very reminiscent of Alanis‘ previous work. It had a quiet dreamy verse with soft keyboards and dreamy sounding electric guitar lines. The chorus sounded as though she was intending to be anthemic, but it just felt sloppy and poorly conceived. It didn’t capture anything.

Is Alanis Morissette’s Guardian Song About Her Son Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway?

The lyrics of the song seemed directed toward the child she had with Mario “MC Souleye” Treadway. Their son, Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway, was born in December, 2010. The chorus reads, “I’ll be your keeper for life as your guardian/ I’ll be your warrior of care your first warden/ I’ll be your angel on call, I’ll be on demand/ The greatest honor of all, as your guardian.”


Alanis Morissette’s Havoc & Bright Lights Album Will Be Released August 20, 2012

Perhaps the album will prove otherwise, but this single song seemed to place Alanis in the same place as so many other worn out musicians: walking the same old ground but with much less purpose in her step than she had when last she came through.

That aside, Alanis and her band performed the song very well. Her voice was angelic as ever. Her soft sincere gaze and smile were enchanting and the open nonsensical vowels she chanted at the end of the song were glorious. Furthermore, Alanis looked stunning. Her hair was worn very plainly with an understated elegance.

The new album is the first she’s released since 2008’s Flavors of Entanglement. It is due for release on August 20th.


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