Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth, K’naan & Bully Movie Update


Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth Interview

From Broadway to the set of TV’s Glee, actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth has made a name for herself as a modern day American treasure.

Now she is embracing her Southern accent in a scandalous role on the controversial ABC soap, GCB. GCB is short for Good Christian Bitches, a novel that inspired the new series. Conservatives and the Christian community have spoken out against the show, calling it attack on their faith and values.


Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth Interview

Kristin Chenoweth of the new series GCB will visit Ellen on March 22 2012. (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Controversy and scandal aren’t the first words I think of when it comes to Kristin Chenoweth. But she’s certainly not solely responsible for the negative attention her latest project seems to be ginning up. The feisty, fiery Kristin Chenoweth will dish with Ellen about all the drama, both on screen and off, when she visits the talk show on March 22 2012.

Ellen: Bully Documentary Family

Recently, Ellen DeGeneres spoke out about the upcoming documentary Bully, which has been rated R. Ellen and countless others believe this rating is a mistake, and the film needs to be rated PG-13 so that teens can see its powerful message about the dangers of bullying, which is an epidemic among today’s teens.


Read Ellen’s Thoughts on the Bully Documentary.

On her March 22 2012 episode, Ellen will chat with a family that has a heartbreaking story to share. Tina and David Long lost their teenage son Tyler to suicide, because of the constant bullying he endured at his school.

The parents will talk about how their lives have changed in the wake of their son’s death, and why they believe this film’s message is so important. In light of the sad realities of bullying, as well as calls by legislators and countless supporters for the movie’s rating to be changed, I can’t believe the MPAA is standing its ground.

Ellen: K’naan & Nelly Furtado

Ellen will also feature a performance on her March 22 2012 show. K’naan and special guest Nelly Furtado will perform their current hit, “Is There Anybody Out There” for Ellen and the audience.

It’s always interesting to see the mix of musicians Ellen has on her show, from Birdy to Toby Keith. You’re sure to hear a familiar song or find a new favorite if you just tune into her guests and their music.


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