Ellen: Justin Bieber’s 18th Birthday & Megan Mullally


Ellen: Justin Bieber 18th Birthday

Are you a Belieber? Ellen DeGeneres is pulling out all the stops to help pop superstar Justin Beiber mark his 18th birthday. Justin Beiber will mark the occasion during the March 1 2012 episode of Ellen’s talk show. What hilarious and embarrassing ways will she try to celebrate with him?

I am thinking baby pictures or maybe celebrity greetings for the megastar. It’s hard to believe he has achieved so much success and he has yet to even become a legal adult. You know Ellen has a surprise or two up her sleeve for Justin Beiber, and you’ll have to tune in or log on to find out what that is.


Ellen March 1 2012: Justin Bieber Birthday

Justin Bieber is celebrating his 18th birthday on Ellen's March 1 2012 episode. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

The Ellen Show: American Idol Lauren Gray

No one was more shocked than Ellen when this season’s American Idol judges made a glaring omission from this season’s Top 24 selections. Eliminated American Idol contestant Lauren Gray is joining Ellen on March 1 2012.

Lauren will give her perspective on the show’s audition process and Hollywood Round, as well as what she plans to do now that she is out of the competition. She’s even going to perform for Ellen’s audience and let them be the judge of whether she should still be in this season’s competition.


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Ellen: Megan Mullally Breaking In

You remember Megan Mullally from her breakout role as the brash and wealthy Karen Walker in Will & Grace. Since then, she’s kept busy with a talk show and a recent slate of guest appearances on popular sitcoms like Happy Endings and Parks and Recreation.

During the Will & Grace days, everyone suggested that Karen and Jack needed their own spinoff. But Megan Mullally getting a new sitcom job might just be the next best thing. On the March 1 2012 episode of Ellen, Megan Mullally will tell the talk show host all about her new role on the Fox comedy Breaking In, and get you up to speed on the show if you haven’t seen it.



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