Ellen: Julia Roberts, Liam Hensworth & Justin Bieber


Ellen: Julia Roberts Interview

After decades of popular movies, some might call Julia Roberts the queen of Hollywood. Her next film role has her playing a queen in Mirror Mirror. Julia Roberts will visit The Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 23 2012 to talk about her latest movie.

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From Pretty Woman to the present day, Julia Roberts is one of the most recognizable women working in the movies. Do you have a favorite Julia Roberts role? Or are you not a fan of the leading lady? Love her or hate her, you can relish in her wicked performance when Mirror Mirror comes to theaters.

Ellen: Julia Roberts Interview

Ellen DeGeneres welcomes "Mirror Mirror" star Julia Roberts on March 23 2012, (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Get the full scoop on this new retelling of the classic Snow White story, coming up on Ellen March 23 2012.


Ellen: Justin Bieber’s Latest Discovery

Turnabout is fair play, and in the music industry, it could also mean survival. After being discovered by successful recording artist Usher, teen sensation Justin Bieber is now paying it forward.

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Justin will return to Ellen’s show on March 23 2012 to introduce a discovery of his own. Carly Rae Jepsen is poised for a breakthrough that could change the pop music landscape, and you can hear her for the first time on Ellen.

Ellen: Liam Hensworth & The Hunger Games

Everyone is talking about The Hunger Games, opening this weekend in theaters everywhere. Based on the popular novel series, the movie tells the story of the ultimate reality show.

Now, one of the film’s many stars, Liam Hensworth, is stopping by to talk to Ellen about the buzzed about movie, which is projected to break box office records in its debut weekend, eclipsing the popular Twilight series. Are you planning to see the story on its opening weekend? Have you already bought your tickets?

I still haven’t read the books, and I always feel like I should read a book before I see its film adaptation. I’ll have to live vicariously through Ellen and Liam Hensworth during their March 23 2012 interview.


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