Ellen: Jonah Hill, X Factor Chris Rene & Marshmallow Game


Ellen: Jonah Hill Interview

Jonah Hill burst onto movie screens in the 2007 comedy Superbad, and has also dabbled in the world of animation with movies like How To Train Your Dragon.

Since his last visit to the Ellen show, he has kept busy, hosting Saturday Night Live and getting nominated for an Oscar for his work in the 2011 film Moneyball, in which he starred opposite Brad Pitt.


Ellen: Jonah Hill

Ellen will chat with actor Jonah Hill coming up on March 14 2012. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

He’s sure to have plenty of stories to share when he sits down with Ellen on her talk show for the March 14 2012 episode.

He will also share stories from his new movie, the reboot of 21 Jump Street, a buddy comedy about undercover cops, which is coming to theaters soon.


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Don’t miss Jonah Hill on Ellen’s show, coming up March 14 2012.

Ellen: Chris Rene X Factor

Chris Rene’s story struck a chord with audiences last fall during his journey on Fox’s singing competition The X Factor. He is finally ready to release his first single, “Young Homie,” and he will tell Ellen about how being on the reality show has forever changed his life.

Chris Rene will also be performing his original song and spreading the word about his upcoming CD, when he visits with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on March 14 2012.

Ellen: The Marshmallow Game

Ellen has been excited for a week leading up to the return of one of her favorite audience games of all time. If you have never heard of the Marshmallow Game, you will want to set your DVR for this one.

It is an audience game where contestants, restrained by a giant rubber band around their nose, struggle to reach a marshmallow dangling just out of reach in front of them. Ellen is bringing it back for one day only, March 14 2012.

You can see all this and more on Ellen’s talk show. Be sure to tune in and see how the Marshmallow Game plays out. If you miss the show or want more information about anything you saw, visit Recapo to get all the details after the episode airs.


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