Sophia Grace & Rosie Nicki Minaj Shopping & Ellen Standing Ovation


Nicki Minaj: Sophia Grace & Rosie Shopping Spree

Ellen: Nicki Minaj sent Sophia Grace and Rosie on a shopping spree

Ellen: Nicki Minaj sent Sophia Grace and Rosie on a shopping spree (Image Credit: Featureflash /

On the show that preceded this one, Ellen introduced Sophia Grace and Rosie to pop superstar Nicki Minaj. When Nickimet the girls, she said, “I want to send both of you on a shopping spree to buy whatever you want.”


So the girls went on a shopping spree to Toys R Us. The girls ran around very excitedly grabbing all sorts of toys, mostly Barbie products. At one point, Sophia said to the camera, “This is the best day of my life!”

At the end of the video, the girls had shopping carts overfilled with Barbie products.

“Thank you so much Ellen and thank you so much Nicki Minaj!” Sophia said.


Philip Galanes Criticizes Ellen’s Standing Ovations

Ellen responded to a criticism of her audience made by Philip Galanes in the New York Times.

Philip‘s article was about standing ovations. He mentioned Ellen, saying, “Much has been written of ovation-inflation: the tendency for audiences to give Ellen DeGeneres a standing ovation, for instance, for merely walking onto her stage set. Yes, she is lovable, but she hasn’t done anything yet.”

Despite that it was a relatively mild criticism, Ellen spent a good portion of the segment responding to it, albeit half in jest.

“There’s a lot I do before I come out here,” she said. “I’m going to expose it. This is what I do before I come out here.”

To prove her point, she showed a video of what she does prior to walking on stage for her show. It was comedically exaggerated. First she delivered a baby. Then she mended a garment for Andy. Finally she took a sip of water and did her trademark pre-show popcorn toss.

“By the way that was a breached birth,” she said.

All of this seemed like a light hearted way to respond to Philip‘s criticism, but it became clear that she took it a little more seriously than she was letting on. She said she hopes Philip comes to the show and experiences the joy so he can understand why her audience is so enthusiastic.

“I’m not going to let Philip get me down,” she said. “Because my haters are my motivators.”

Really? Haters? All he said was that her audience overuses the standing ovation.

Ellen Drove Through Her Neighbor’s Yard?

“It’s middle of October,” Ellen said at the start of her show. “It’s 98 degrees here.”

She said to cope with the heat, she put on her swimsuit and ran through the sprinklers in her neighbor’s yard.

“It would have been more fun if I had gotten out of my car,” she said.


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