George Clooney Wedding + White House Security Breach & Ellen App


Ellen TV: George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Wedding

Ellen DeGeneres said something big happened over the weekend: George Clooney got married. She said all of the most eligible bachelors are getting married, and said now the most eligible bachelor is one of the men in her audience.

Ellen said since all the paparazzi have been in Italy, she’s been able to drive with her top down. “Sorry, not my top, my blouse,” Ellen joked.


She said the wedding was in Venice on Saturday and before the wedding he threw a big bachelor party that ended late Friday night and started in 1982. Ellen said she heard the ceremony was beautiful and tons of celebrities were there. Ellen said she sent her reported Jamie all the way out to Venice to cover the wedding. Jamie reported that over the weekend, George Clooney exchanged vows with his new wife Amal and then butchered her last name. She tried several times, mispronouncing her name worse each time.

Ellen: Reporting From Venice

George Clooney Wedding + White House Security Breach & Ellen App

Ellen sent a reporter to Venice to cover the George Clooney wedding and got an unexpected result. (Featureflash /

Jamie said there have been so many interesting people, including body builders, marijuana doctors, and a guy with a face tattoo. She said there was even a parrot riding a skateboard. Jamie said she’d seen many celebrities including Elmo and Darth Vader. She said she would show a picture but they wanted $5.


Ellen then said she thought Jamie wasn’t in Venice, but was actually at Venice Beach in California. She then told Jamie she was supposed to be in Venice, Italy. Ellen asked her what she has been doing, considering she left almost a week ago. Jamie said traffic was terrible and she just got there. Jamie then made a point to say that although George Clooney wasn’t there, if you looked behind her you could see the ocean from Ocean’s Eleven.

Ellen TV: White House Security Breach

Ellen said recently the White House has had some unexpected guests. She said the secret service is tightening security, and what they’re going to do is start locking the front door.

Ellen said now that the door will be locked, she wanted to make sure the Obamas wouldn’t have any trouble with locking themselves out, so she was going to send them an Ellen Rock hide-a-key. The rock has a little compartment where you can store a key, and Ellen said, “Enjoy your rock, Barack.”

Ellen: Nick The Gardener + Ellen App

Ellen said there was something else really important she wanted to talk about: Nick her gardener. Ellen showed a spin-off called Nick The Gardener that showed him gardening, running, and visiting the doctor.

Ellen then shared that they have a brand new app where you can see clips from her show and enter contests. You can even sync the app to the show while it’s on and see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Ellen said they put a camera in Dylan McDermott’s dressing room, but didn’t tell him. She then showed him trying to steal things from the room. Then, Ellen’s writer Lauren joined Dylan in his room with some wine. She then noticed the camera and covered it up.

The app is free, so go and download it for more from Ellen!


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