Ellen: Dancing Bird YouTube Video & Funny Baby Pictures


Ellen: Dancing Bird YouTube Video

In a similar spirit to Daniel Tosh‘s Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, Ellen began her show with a series of videos she found on YouTube that she thought were amusing. Her show also included Funny Baby Pictures today.

The first video was of a bird dancing. The song was sort of heavy techno sounding and the bird was stepping from left to right and vigorously bobbing its head up and down.


“He dances like me and knows as many words to the song as Tony does,” Ellen said, referring to how notoriously bad at karaoke her DJ Tony is.

Ellen: Funny Baby Pictures

Ellen shared Funny Baby Pictures and some hilarious YouTube videos featuring dancing birds and slack lining gone wrong.

The second video featured a woman trying to avoid stepping into a puddle by jumping over it and into the driver’s seat of her car. Kudos to her for trying, but she was unsuccessful. She made it to the door, but then fell backwards butt-first into the water. So basically instead of wet feet, she got wet butt. Well done.


“I don’t know why she thought this was a good idea,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Slack Lining YouTube Video

The third video showed a man Slack Lining across his pool (slack lining is, for all intents and purposes, recreational tightrope-walking). It started out innocently enough with the man falling into the pool. But then when he tried to get back on the slack line, the support beam to the patio roof, which the line had been tied to, gave way under his weight and the whole roof came crashing down.

“Hey mom–good news! I retiled the pool,” Ellen joked.

The fourth video was of a cat laying on the floor while its owner vacuumed its fur. The cat seemed to enjoy it immensely.

“It doesn’t seem safe to do that but that cat clearly loves it,” Ellen said.

The fourth video was of a baby holding a specialty nozzle attached to a hose. When he pulled the trigger on the nozzle, it sprayed water out from the hose. The baby was highly amused shooting water into the mouths of several dogs.

“I love that baby,” Ellen said. “I hired him to do my gardening.”

Ellen: JC Penney Dance Dare

Ellen recently decided that she didn’t have enough Dance Dare videos at JC Penney.

“So I asked my Facebook fans to do some dance dares at JC Penney and they did it,” she said.

She aired a video montage of people dancing all throughout various JC Penneys. It was pretty impressive. One of the video clips showed a dance troupe performing a choreographed dance in the lobby of one store. Another clip showed a young woman dancing obnoxiously right behind a police officer!

Ellen: Funny Baby Pictures

Ellen aired a new segment called “Baby Baby Baby Oh, Baby Baby Baby Photo.” It featured funny pictures of babies submitted by her fans. One of the photos showed a one month old who looked terribly frustrated. What was most amusing about the picture was that it didn’t look like an ordinary baby who was frustrated. It looked like a baby impersonating an old man who hated everyone and everything. It was hilarious.

“He’s only one month old but it looks like it was a rough month,” Ellen joked.


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