Ellen’s Heartfelt Message To Boston & Randy Jackson Wears E For Ellen


Ellen: National Stress Awareness Month

Ellen started today with a breathing exercise. In through the nose and out through the mouth. April is National Stress Awareness Month. Ellen said that people deal with stress in a lot of ways: smoking, eating, watching Ellen and, my favorite, shopping.

Ellen broke down her crazy shopping trip, including losing keys, getting stains on a new shirt and eating the receipt. Not sure I’ve ever had a shopping trip like that, but this is Ellen we’re talking about.


Of course, Ellen dances to relieve stress. I’ll take the Pitch Perfect approach to this stress management move. “Don’t put me down for cardio.”

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Ellen: Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson was on Ellen’s show a few months ago and she gifted him an awesome “e” medallion to wear on American Idol. Ellen’s been waiting to see if Randy wears the “e” and last week he did! Ellen had “llen deGeneres” made up to go with the “e.”


Ellen's Heartfelt Message To Boston & Randy Jackson Wears E For Ellen

Randy Jackson finally wore the “e” Ellen gave him last month on American Idol. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday

Last week was the first classic joke Tuesday cliffhanger. “What do you get when you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle and a ghost?”

The answer to the first ever cliffhanger: You get a cocker-poodle-boo.

I’m not sure if that was worth the wait. I much preferred Matthew Perry’s ridiculous stories on last week’s Classic Joke Tuesday.

Ellen: Crest White Strips

How come everyone in Hollywood has such beautiful teeth? Well, accept Andy. His look like Starbucks coffee, caramel snacks, raspberry cobbler, chocolate and orange slushie. No wonder Andy’s teeth are so yellow. Except Andy didn’t eat these things today, Ellen threw them all on Andy. Luckily he has Crest White Strips.

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Ellen’s Message To Boston

After the devastating terrorist attack on Boston on April 15 the world is still learning more details about what happened. Ellen taped a special message to her viewers and fans in Boston, saying they are all in her thoughts. Now more than ever Ellen’s words ring true.

“Being kind to one another.”

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