Ellen’s Funniest Facebook Moments & Videos Of Viewers “Koala-ing”


Ellen: How To Sit

For Ellen, age is just a number. She has the energy of a teenager, but the knees of Larry King. She said her knees pop so loud, Portia is constantly asking if they have a squeaky door that needs fixed. Ellen joked that she can sit down to tie her shoes without sounding like an elephant seal in heat.

Ellen’s new trainer Jason taught her the proper way to sit down. Who knew there was a wrong way? So, what you do is stick your butt out and then sit down. Don’t let you knees go over your toes because that’s bad for your knees and back. Ellen calls this the “stop, pop, drop.” For more of a visual, “sit like a stink bug trying to find love” or you’re not doing it right.


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Ellen: Academy Awards

There are a lot of people in L.A. for the Academy Awards on Sunday. Ellen had an Academy Award nominee in the audience today – Abe Lincoln! Lincoln can cut a rug.

Ellen: Koala-ing

Whatever Ellen says, her fans do. Ellen asked for videos of people “koala-ing” in honor of her trip to Australia. All you do is jump on someone and wrap your legs around them like a koala.


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Ellen: In Your Facebook

Here are some of the funniest things Ellen found on her Facebook this week. If you have a funny Facebook post you’d like to share, send them to Ellen.

Ellen's Funniest Facebook Moments & Videos Of Viewers "Koala-ing"

Ellen’s funniest Facebook moments will have you LOL-ing.

Sarah: Was just trapped on the escalator for hours…the power stopped working.

Alison: Why didn’t you just walk down the escalator?

Sarah: Cuz it stopped working.

Alison: Did you mean elevator?

Sarah: No, an escalator.

(Picture of Paris)

Paul: Very cool! Is that New Jersey?

Ellen’s Favorite:

Garcia: Long day…Jesus makes things so hard on me.

Beth: It’s for the best. Just keep him in your heart and keep praying. It will get better. Jesus works in mysterious ways.

Garcia: Beth, Jesus is my 14-year-old son, he was suspended from school for punching a janitor again.

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