Ellen’s Farm on Fire & Cousins on Call Give Single Mom a Home Makeover


Ellen Loves Scandal

After being pressured to watch Scandal, Ellen took it along with her to watch season one in Australia. Little did she know she was about to get addicted. Her friends wanted to go sightseeing or to the Great Barrier Reef and Ellen was tied into watching episode after episode in her hotel room.

Ellen said each episode ends on a big cliffhanger. She got really annoyed recently when the show went on a three week, mid-season break. She said it felt like the shows are never coming back on the air. Unlike those shows, Ellen promises to be on every single day – until summer break starts that is.


California Wildfires Spread To Ellen’s Farm

Ellen said that her farm had to be evacuated over the weekend when the California wildfires came close to her home. She watched the news and her farm was on the news. 16 firefighters stayed the night at her ranch to fight the fires. Her housekeeper Sylvia took care of them and they made sure everyone was safe.

Ellen extended her biggest thanks and appreciation to the firefighters in California and everywhere. The fires are now 80 percent contained thanks to their heroism.


Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday

Iron Man 3 was the number one movie over the weekend, so Ellen’s joke is about ironing.

“Why did the man iron his four leaf clover?”

“He wanted to press his luck.”

Viggle: Make Money By Watching Television

Ellen is now on Viggle. This is an app that lets you gain points just by watching TV. Those points can be turned into money, prizes and gift cards.

“It’s really never been easier to make money lying on your back,” Ellen said. “Oh, that doesn’t sound right. You know what I mean.”

Ellen: Single Mommy Gets a Home Makeover

Ellen called up a single mom who wrote in to Ellen. Ellen asked her how she’s doing.

Ellen's Farm on Fire & Cousins on Call Give Single Mom a Home Makeover

The Cousins on Call are giving a single mom in need a beautiful home makeover. Ellen brought pictures from her farm during the California wildfires.

“Right now I’m trying not to pee on your couch,” she giggled. Ellen wished her good luck.

Her baby, Juliette, is just a few months old. The mommy was quick to tell Ellen that Juliette doesn’t know her name yet, so there is still time to change it to Ellen.

She was having a very stressful day and Juliette was crying. She tried dancing around to Ellen’s show to calm the baby down. Just then, “Do you need a home makeover?” popped up on the show. She decided to write in a plea to Ellen to get her home redone.

The Cousins On Call Bathroom Makeover

The home is old and the whole second floor is unfinished. Ellen called in the help of her parents and the Cousins on Call, Anthony and John. She was thrilled, to put it mildly. The guys cozied up to her on the couch and told her the big news.

The Cousins on Call are redoing this single mom’s home. They smashed open her bathroom, which was covered in blue tile and had a lime green tub. Her mother had to keep the secret from her daughter. Ellen said she was going to keep this mommy in Los Angeles for a couple more days so they could finish up the home.

Ellen is sending her to a few places to have fun and relax. The guys are going to finish the bathroom and a couple other things on the home that Ellen wants to surprise her with. They plan to check in next week.


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