Ellen’s Daughter Rafter Yellow & Cee Lo Green “Only You” Single Review


Ellen’s Daughter Rafter Yellow

Ellen likes kids and she lets her staff practice “Take Your Kid To Work Day.” Ellen’s daughter Rafter Yellow is a teen now and thinks she is independent. She’s learning to drive and starting to date. She crashed Ellen’s monologue today.

This girl will not crack a smile. Rafter Yellow is the surliest teen I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something. Ellen tried to get her daughter to laugh and play along, but it just didn’t work.


Ellen's Daughter Rafter Yellow & Cee Lo Green "Only You" Single Review

Ellen’s daughter Rafter Yellow was not a happy camper to be at work with mom.

Ellen: Baby Name Or Plant Name

Rafter Yellow is an unusual name. Ellen said the most popular baby names of 2013 in her game “Baby Name or Plant Name.” Can you believe these names?

  • Mingus – Baby Name
  • Phaedra – Baby Name
  • Severan – Baby Name
  • Aralia – Plant Name
  • Linnea – Baby & Plant

Ellen: Earth Day Shirts

Rafter Yellow and Ellen continued the show with Ellen’s new Earth Day shirts. You can get these 100 percent recycled shirts now in the Ellen store.


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Ellen’s Show Update

Last week was the first time you could buy Powerball tickets. Ellen bought 800 tickets and one of her audience members got $2. She gave out more Powerball tickets on April 17 so we’ll see if anyone makes some money.

Ellen: Cee Lo Green “Only You”

For the first time ever, Cee Lo Green didn’t come out on stage looking like a Muppet. He wore a stripped polo shirt and matching pants. I’m very confused as to why Cee Lo was scrubbing it on Ellen. 

Only You” is a fun song. It’s a tame song for Cee Lo. Tame compared to his Christmas album cover. It has nice vocals and a good beat.

Ellen: Cee Lo Green Returns To The Voice

After that performance, Cee Lo sat down with Ellen. He said that he just finished doing a seven week run in Vegas at Planet Hollywood. He is going back back to The Voice for season five and hopes to return to Planet Hollywood in October. I’m shocked he will return to The Voice because the new dynamic is better than ever.

Girl Power, Cee Lo’s new album, comes out later this year.

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  1. Jo Kay says

    “Can you believe these names?” Well, I can believe “Linnea” — one of the most popular and beautiful names in Scandinavia. The other ones? Not so much…

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