Ellen’s 1400th Episode: Ashton Kutcher, Dancer Twitch & Hot Glam Girl


Ellen’s 1400th Episode!

Ellen said that there was something special about her audience.

“Of all the audiences we’ve had, you’re the most recent,” she said. “On top of that, you’re my 1400th audience!”


That’s right. It was Ellen’s 1400th episode! That’s insane. Apparently, not even she could believe it.

“I didn’t even realize we had done 1400 shows,” she said and then joked, “I’m not good at numbers.”

Ellen: Stephen “Twitch” Boss Performance

Ashton Kutcher: Ellen 1400th Episode

Ellen said that Ashton Kucther getting nude backstage was one of her favorite moments from the past 1400 episodes. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


To help her commemorate her 1400th episode, Ellen invited acclaimed dancer Stephen “Twitch” Boss onstage to dance for the audience.

Tony played Ne-Yo’s hit song “Closer” from his album Year of the Gentleman as Twitch came onstage.

Twitch really is an amazing dancer. First he ran around stage doing moves that seemed vaguely inspired by the robot. Then later on his motions became more fluid, as though he were gliding across stage.

Ellen’s Favorite Moments

Ellen wanted to look back at some of her favorite moments from the last 1400 episodes.

First she shared a montage of general moments that she loved and then she shared a montage of moments that she’s had with Tony.

The montage of general moments featured all sorts of crazy moments from the past 1400 episodes, including when Ashton Kutcher got nude backstage.

The video montage of moments with Tony was especially sweet of her to do. It was set to a backdrop of “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers. How adorable.

After the montage, Ellen said to Tony, “I really do love you like crazy!”

Ellen: Hot Glam Girl Funny Pictures

“You remember glamour shots that people took in the 80’s,” Ellen said to her audience to introduce her next segment, “Hot Glam Girl.”

The segment featured all sorts of crazy glamour shots that her fans submitted to her.

The first picture was hilarious. It was of a woman looking very serious, almost as though she had been hypnotized. Her hands were clenched in fists at her chest.

A later picture that Ellen showed was of a woman in a shiny gold dress. The bottom half of the dress was cut into very long fringes so that only a “v” shaped section of the dress hung over her crotch. Apparently, this picture was taken to launch that young woman’s singing career. Ironically, she’s now an attorney. Go figure.


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