Ellen: World’s Most Beautiful Woman, New $100 Bill & Clumsy Thumbsy


Ellen: People Magazine Names World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Ellen: World's Most Beautiful Woman, New $100 Bill & Clumsy Thumbsy

Ellen told her audience the World’s Most Beautiful Woman is on her show today, she showed off the new $100 bill and looked at some auto corrected texts.

Ellen invited the World’s Most Beautiful Woman on her show today, Gwyneth Paltrow. People magazine recently named her the most beautiful and Ellen was happy for her. She said Paltrow deserved to win because she is beautiful inside and outside. Ellen said the two of them are close so Ellen knows how beautiful she is.


“You should see her gall bladder,” Ellen joked.

While Ellen said it is great to celebrate beauty, it is not everything. Well at least that’s what she was saying before she found out she didn’t make the cut to be in the magazine. In all seriousness though, Ellen said beauty is really more than skin deep.

“Beauty is defined by different things,” Ellen said. “It is defined by kindness, compassion and generosity.”


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Ellen: Clumsy Thumbsy Auto Corrects

Sometimes the auto correct on your phone can be a blessing but other times it can change the entire meaning of a conversation. Check out some of the funny auto corrects people sent into Ellen this past week:

  • One woman wrote, “I should be home around 12:30 I’ll keep you updated on my prostate.” She quickly sent a text back saying, “I meant progress.”
  • “I just saw the perfect flower pot on someones crotch,” is what one woman sent when she meant to text porch.
  • “Are you doing the nutcracker this year,” one woman asked. “Yup. I’m auctioning kids tomorrow. I mean suctioning kids tomorrow. Ridiculous auto cat.”
  • “Making dinner and the child is in the crock pot,” one woman sent to her husband. “Which child?” her husband asked  “I meant chili,” she replied back.
  • “Got my p**** stuck in the drawer and broke it in two,” one woman texted, quickly sending another text saying, “OMG. I mean my pen.”

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New Hundred Dollar Bills Released

The $100 bill is getting a makeover and Ellen wanted to take a look at it, pointing out the new bill has a pretty orange vase in the middle of it. Regardless of what it looks like, Ellen said the old bills are worthless now. So if you want to get rid of your $100 bills just send them off to Ellen.

Honeymooning Couple On Quantas Flight With Ellen

On her Quantas flight to Australia, Ellen wanted to make everyone as comfortable as possible so she handed out fresh towels to everyone in coach, gave some pillows out and met a couple on their honeymoon who she gave her first class seat to. She even took a little nap snuggled up against the honeymooners.


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