Ellen: Words With Friends Vs Scrabble & Guest DJ Pauly D


Ellen: Words With Friends Vs Scrabble

What word game are you addicted to on your mobile phone? In the battle of Scrabble Vs Words With Friends, whose side are you on?

Ellen DeGeneres already talked about iPhone’s Siri, and today she complained about the challenges of playing Scrabble against the computer player on her iPad.


“I think it cheats. It just makes up words,” Ellen said. Another way to look at it is that the game can teach you new words, such as Ruck. Ellen said there’s also a lot of stress and strategy about where to place words to get the maximum score; she said the computer is much better at that as well.

Ellen: Scrabble Cheats

Ellen DeGeneres complained that the Scrabble computer cheats and makes up words when playing against her. (Image Credit: slpix / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Scrabble Computer Cheats

“It’s not like I’m bad at Scrabble,” Ellen noted. “I’ve been playing Scrabble my whole life. …When I play a person, I win.” She listed a bunch of children she can beat at Scrabble.


Ellen said she also struggles to keep a clear head, and instead thinks of the theme song from Three’s Company or new animals at The Gentle Barn.

Ellen’s Fake Scrabble Words

She wrote down some words the computer played against her to see if the audience could tell whether they are made up. See if you can detect which of Ellen’s words are real or fake. (Disclaimer: you might want to double check a dictionary.)

  • Thraw – real word
  • Tae – real word
  • Schmead – not a word
  • Ken – real word
  • Davey – real word
  • Laura – real word
  • Jan – not a word

Did you know that Words With Friends Saved A Life? That’s why I’ve been playing it on my phone. Which game do you prefer?

Ellen: Guest DJ Pauly D

Ellen looked over at DJ Tony’s podium, but he wasn’t there. That’s because Ellen invited Jersey Shore star Pauly D to be her guest DJ for the day, setting off a lot of fist pumping among the predominately female audience members.

But first, she wanted to check out the Ellen tattoo she gave him during his last visit to her show. It was the Ellen show logo, right in the center of his chest.

“You and Tony switched places for the day,” Ellen explained. “Which means that Tony is somewhere passed out in a hot tub in New Jersey.”

Next, Ellen insinuated that Pauly D was the father of Snooki’s baby, but he denied that he is the father. Shouldn’t this conversation be taking place on Maury instead of Ellen?

Ellen: In Your Facebook Status Updates

From funny YouTube videos to misunderstood text messages, Ellen is always finding the humor in modern technology. Here are the Funny Facebook Status Updates featured on today’s show.

  • James: There’s no “i” in happyness.
  • Martha: If you spelled it right there would be.
  • Stacey: Just found out that my great granddad helped build the Titanic!
  • Myra: Well he didn’t do a very good job, did he?
  • Catlin: [Picture of pigeons] Omg! Peguins!
  • Tyler: First of all, it’s penguins. Second of all, those are pigeons.
  • Emily: Can’t wknds be longer?
  • Calen: Yes. If you spell it weekends.
  • Emily: I don’t get it?

Ellen: Ellen’s Daughter Explained

For Take Your Daughter To Work Day, Ellen brought a teenage daughter to work with her. This apparently led to a lot of confusion for viewers, so today Ellen attempted to set the record straight.

Though many people found the joke funny, Ellen got a lot of befuddled comments after the segment aired. One woman felt lied to and confused about the situation.

A YouTube commenter found it suspicious that Ellen’s fake daughter had a different hair color than her. Another praised Ellen for highlighting the struggles between moms and their teenage daughters.

Ellen confirmed that she does not have a daughter, and was confused by the confusion that her joke created. Next, she introduced her son, Stormy Cashmere. They even played catch on the set. (In case anyone’s wondering, Ellen does not have a son. This is another actor.)

Ellen: Johnny Depp Interview

Ellen DeGeneres announced that iconic actor Johnny Depp is making his Ellen Show debut in one week. She told him she would have to make room amongst all the cat videos for his appearance, but you can expect him on May 8 2012.

Ellen Dance Song: “Moves Like Jagger”

Pauly D’s dance song for Ellen and the audience was Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.”


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