Ellen: Wholly Guacamole Stunt & Redneck Reality Shows


Ellen: Channel Surfing

When Ellen DeGeneres was a kid, there were only three channels. Also, you had to get up if you wanted to change to something else. But now there’s a channel for everything under the sun.

Since we can’t keep up with them all, Ellen highlighted some of the new reality shows you may have been missing out on.


Read about more of Ellen’s Reality Channel Surfing.

Ellen: Redneck Reality

Ellen shared clips from some redneck reality shows and had someone dive into a vat of guacamole.

Ellen: Bayou Billionaires on CMT

Ellen shared the story of the CMT reality series Bayou Billionaires, where a Louisiana family discovered their home is on top of a natural gas source. Now they get huge checks from a gas company in exchange for access to their resources.


In the clip, you can’t tell these people are billionaires by looking at their modest homes. They all seemed pretty excited about one family member’s new teeth, which is so stereotypical that it’s ridiculous.

“They are the happiest family I have ever seen,” Ellen said, presumably trying to avoid exploiting the denizens of her home state.

Ellen: My Big Redneck Vacation on CMT

Recently, Ellen spent time Raising Money for Charity in New Orleans and Touring the Ninth Ward with Brad Pitt.

Now she’s helping promote the exploitation of Louisiana residents and perpetuating stereotypes with a clip of a Louisiana family’s vacation in the Hamptons on the series My Big Redneck Vacation.

They mistook a surfer for Jesus, because he appeared to them to be walking on water.

Ellen: Jerseylicious Reality Show

Next, Ellen took her The Soup-style reality clip highlights up north to the Style Network’s Jersey Shore knockoff, Jerseylicious. Ellen compared a barroom argument between Italian Americans to seal wrestling in the series Frozen Planet.

There’s just something disingenuous about Ellen’s attempts to wade into the realm of reality show clip packages. Shouldn’t her nice gal persona and “Be kind to one another” mantra put her above this level of humor?

We don’t see Joel McHale or Daniel Tosh advocating for charities or playing goofy, good natured games. Stick to what you’re good at, and don’t dilute the brand, Ellen.

Ellen: Pawn Stars on History Channel

Ellen featured another clip from the reality show Pawn Stars, in which a proprietor showed off a three-cent nickel before rattling off the obscure and discontinued coins America has produced throughout its history.

We don’t really have much use for a half cent these days, though if there were a 9/10 of a cent coin, you could use that to help pay for gas.

Ellen: How to Prevent Flashing

Since it’s Spring Break for a lot of college students right now, Ellen had a foolproof way to help people keep from embarrassing themselves by flashing their breasts on the beach.

She showed off her padlocked T-shirt, which required a combination lock. She figured you couldn’t remember the combination while you were drunk.

Ellen: Wholly Guacamole Commercial

Ellen’s show featured a live commercial for Wholly Guacamole. I thought live commercials went out of style in the ‘50s, but I guess Ellen is bringing them back.

There was one bright spot in her pitch. She had her pal Andy dress as a giant tortilla chip and dive into a giant vat of guacamole.

I’m not sure what his guacamole vat was actually made of, but it looked realistic. He actually got stuck in the muck and they had to use a rope to pull him out, like lifeguards do when people are drowning.

Ellen can eat chips and guacamole because they are both vegan. Read about Ellen and Kathy Freston’s Vegan Lifestyle.

To help them enjoy Wholly Guacamole, Ellen gave everyone in her audience a $100 Target gift card.

Ellen Dance Song: “Music” MP3

Ellen’s Dance Song for today was the Madonna hit “Music.”

Download an MP3 of “Music” by Madonna.


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