Ellen: What’s Wrong With These Photos? Photos & Ellen For President?


Ellen: DeGeneres for President?

Ellen began today’s show with an interesting article she found in Ladies Home Journal. The political themed article asked readers to vote on who their pick for best female celebrity President would be. Oprah was the overwhelming win with 44%. She was followed by Sandra Bullock with 28%, Ellen DeGeneres with 18%, and had Angelina Jolie and Beyonce trailing.

Ellen may be in third place, but she’s not bitter. Instead, she wants to jump-start the “DeGeneres for President” campaign before it’s too late. Would you vote for Ellen?


Ellen For President?

Would Ellen make a good President? She jokingly kicked off her campaign on September 20.

Ellen: What’s Wrong With These Photos? Photos

Ellen loves to show us photos that are weird, wacky, or just plain wrong in her segment “‘What’s Wrong With These Photos?” Photos. If you have a strange photo, Ellen would love to see it!

First up was Karen from Florida. She was eating at a restaurant with her husband when she noticed that the shop next door was called “De Lice Swimwear & Accessories.”  Not exactly a place you’d want to buy a hat!


Ellen: Father’s Day Tampons?

Denise from Georgia took a picture of her son in a giant bird’s nest at a museum. However, her son was joined in the nest by a couple of toddlers kissing! “Obviously,  while he was in the nest, he learned how to be a good wingman,” Ellen noted.

Lachlan from Australia sent in his picture of a drug store special promotion. A table full of tampon boxes read “Spoil dad this Father’s day.” Them might be a good deal, but I don’t think dad needs them!

Finally, Billie from Mississipi shared a photo of herself and her sister on her sister’s wedding day. What they didn’t notice while snapping the pic was the naked baby being changed right behind them. “I know it’s lucky if it rains on your wedding day, but I’m not sure about a full moon,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Band-Aid Winner Joslyn Gomez

At the end of the show, Ellen sat down with five-year-old Joslyn Gomez from Texas, the winner of Band-Aid’s commercial contest. For her adorable answer to the question “What’s under your Band-Aid?”, which involved fairies and magic, Joslyn won $15,000 and a brand new bike.



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