Ellen: ‘Twilight Breaking Dawn Premiere’ & Travel Solutions


Ellen: Travel Solutions

Ellen took a moment during her opening segment to ask her audience about their Thanksgiving plans.

“I’m sure a lot of you will be traveling,” she said. “I spent the whole weekend inventing things that would make traveling easier for the holiday season.”


Ellen Twilight Breaking Dawn Premiere Red Carpet

Since he couldn't bite her neck, Ellen's correspondent at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere asked Robert Pattinson if he would at least sign it. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen introduced several outrageous products that she thought would ease the traveling experience.

The first thing Ellen shared was a suit that she said would cut back on time spent in airport security. Her assistant, Andy, was modeling the suit. Ellen called it the “Risky Business Suit,” an homage to the film Risky Business. When Andy tugged at the suit, the whole thing came off and Andy was standing before the audience in his boxers.


Ellen said she thinks it’s outrageous that you have to pay for extra carry on items and her next invention will provide a clever loophole. Since children under two years of age can fly for free, Ellen invented a baby carrier with secret storage space in the bottom.

Ellen: Classic Joke Monday

Ellen told a really horribly corny joke as part of the ongoing “Classic Joke Monday” trend.

“Why did the Indian chief wear so many hats?” Ellen asked Tony, her DJ.

Tony was stumped and Ellen told him the chief wore the hats to, “Keep his wig wam.” She drew out “wam” so that it sounded like she was saying “warm.”

Ha? I guess…

Ellen: Twilight Breaking Dawn Premiere

Ellen sent two lucky audience members to cover the red carpet at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere.

The women she sent were standing along the fence and got to talk to many of the stars from Twilight.

Using the same line, one of them got an autograph from Peter Facinelli and the other got one from Robert Pattinson.

“Since you’re a vampire, instead of biting my neck, can you sign my neck?” they both asked the actors.

They also ran into Kellan Lutz and asked him, “Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Ellen?”

“Definitely Team Ellen!,” Kellan said. “Did you see her in that bathtub?


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