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Ellen: Good Friday and Easter

Ellen DeGeneres figured the crowd must be excited and hoped that home viewers had the day off for Good Friday. Of course, that means Easter is only a few days away, “and that is when we celebrate a miracle that science can’t explain: Marshmallow Peeps,” Ellen said.

In contrast to Good Friday, Ellen recounted a recent Bad Saturday. It started fine, Ellen said, when her wife Portia De Rossi made breakfast. Later, Portia asked Ellen to go with her to the grocery store, and “I did what any good spouse would do. I pretended to not hear her.” I know that’s right, Ellen.


Ellen: Tim Salaz YouTube Dancer

YouTube sensation Tim Salaz explained his dance style to Ellen.

Ellen: Grocery Shopping Nightmare

But Ellen eventually gave in, and said it was her first trip to the market in years. I don’t like them either, Ellen. I agree that they’re overwhelming. She complained there are too many aisles. Then Portia split their shopping list in half to get done faster. “I definitely would’ve won if the competition was who cries first,” Ellen said.

She said she got overwhelmed at the variety, and even counted 53 kinds of salsa at her store. “I thought there would be mild, spicy, and dance,” Ellen said. She lamented that you can’t taste test the products in the store, either.


But Portia finished her half of the list in 10 minutes, while Ellen said she ended up with someone else’s cart. Ellen also complained that stores’ organizational plans don’t make sense.

Ellen needs to read about How To Save Time & Money Grocery Shopping. She said by the time she finished her list, things in her cart had expired. She said you should give the shopper in your family some extra love.

Ellen: Tim Salaz YouTube Dancer

Ellen DeGeneres introduced YouTube Dancer Tim Salaz, who performed for Ellen and the audience. He slid around the stage to the Dirty Vegas song “Days Go By.” I seriously respect dancers, because I don’t have that type of grace and rhythm to be able to move my body like they can.

Tim said the dance he did is called Popping, and his style is known as Waving. He said he uses a camera to observe and improve his dance skills. He’s been Popping since age 18, and Ellen called it “unbelievable body control.” Watch Tim Salaz Dancing on YouTube.

He is trying to dance professionally, and is currently working on Carnival Cruise Lines. Now he’s engaged to another dancer, and they’re getting married in September. As an early wedding gift, Ellen gave Tim Salaz a $1,000 JC Penney Gift Card.


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