Ellen: Swedish Olympian Or Ikea Furniture Game | My Fair & Square Lady


Ellen: President Obama Support

“It’s an election year and I gotta say, President Obama is taking a stand on things that are very important to me,” Ellen said.

Although it was pretty clear that she was talking about marriage equality, Ellen pretended to be talking about something else.


Ellen: Swedish Olympian Or Ikea Furniture

Do you know the difference between a Swedish Olympian Or Ikea Furniture? Ellen quizzed her audience. (testing / Shutterstock.com)

“Yesterday, he came out against wearing sandals with socks,” she said. “It’s about time he took a stand on that because I think everybody feels the same way.”

Ellen: Swedish Olympian or Ikea Furniture?

Ellen mentioned that the Olympics are coming soon.


“I enjoy the Olympics more when I know who the athletes are,” she said.

In light of that, Ellen introduced her new game, “Swedish Olympian Or Ikea Furniture?”

“I will give you a name and it’s going to be the last name of a Swedish athlete or a piece of Ikea furniture,” Ellen said.

She then proceeded to say words and the audience collectively guessed whether they thought the word was the name of a Swedish athlete or a piece of Ikea furniture.

For example, the first word was “Lillholmen.” The audience and Ellen guessed that it was the name of an athlete. They were incorrect. It’s actually the name of a line of products from the Ikea catalogue.

“Tune in tomorrow when we play Russian Gymnast or Cheap Vodka,” Ellen said.

Ellen: My Fair And Square Lady

Ellen showed the next installment of her melodrama mini-series, My Fair And Square Lady.

The scene began with Ellen, as Tatianna, walking down the stairs with her father’s urn.

“So much has happened since you left us,” she said to the urn. “Lucky my evil twin sister is still stuck in that elevator.”

Then, as per usual, Tatianna‘s evil twin sister burst through the door. “Tatianna!” the evil twin said.

“Evil twin sister!” Tatianna said. She was so shocked to see her sister, she accidentally dropped the urn. She starts to panic, thinking that she’s desecrated the last remains of her dead father.

“That’s not father,” the evil twin said. “That’s where I kept my cinnamon.”

“I can’t believe we’re related,” Tatianna said.

Then, as per usual, there was a hammed up plug for JC Penney.

“No games, no gimics, just good prices everyday,” the evil twin said of the store.

“That sounds too good to be true,” Tatianna said and pretended to slap her evil twin.

“Well it’s not!” the evil twin said. “It’s fair and square.”

Adding to the comical whimsy of the mini-series, Ellen ended the scene by saying, “We’ll figure out how this ends later.”


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