Ellen: Steve Carell Scares DJ Tony & Kevin Cashier Foot Locker Prank


Ellen DeGeneres: What’s In The Box?

In “What’s In The Box?” Ellen lets her audience choose boxes and get prizes at random.

Today, Ellen gave away an entire Xbox system with home entertainment center, TV, DVDs and games. Another guest almost won an Ellen staffer on a rocking horse, but she chose $500 from Ellen’s pocket. Then, an audience member got $5,000 in a Target gift card, the biggest prize of the day!


Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday

Ellen: Steve Carell Scares DJ Tony & Kevin Cashier Foot Locker Prank

Ellen’s favorite moments of season 10 included Steve Carell scaring DJ Tony with his Despicable Me character costume and Kevin the Cashier at Foot Locker. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen took a look back at her favorite classic jokes. “Why did the Little Mermaid wear seashells?” “Because D-shells were too big” It was an emotional tribute set to Boyz 2 Men and Ellen shed a tear.


The DeGensie Awards: Best Ellen Moments Ever

With so many classic moments, Ellen wanted to honor her favorites. The first went to Abraham Lincoln for Best DJ of the Year. It went to Tony because Abe couldn’t be there to accept the award. The award is a golden trophy with an Ellen Degeneres wig on top.  

Ellen Show: Steve Carell Scares Tony

Best Reaction to a Scare went to Tony for his reaction to Steve Carell dressed as his character from Despicable Me. Best Performance in a Soap Opera went to Andy for his performance in Yesterday’s Tomorrows. In the sketch, Andy’s exit door was open during rehearsal and then locked during the show. She tried to glue it to the table, but he pulled it up. Ellen said she plans to get him next time.


Kevin the Cashier: Foot Locker Prank

Ellen gave an award to an audience member that got pranked by Kevin the Cashier played by Adam. He was buying shoes from Foot Locker and was strung along by Kevin and his antics. Ellen enjoyed his attitude so much that she gave him $1,000 to Zappos.com.


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