Ellen: Staff Spring Break & Bad Paid For Photos Live


Ellen: Spring Break

What did you do for Spring Break? Like most adults, I don’t get Spring Break anymore, but if you’re lucky enough to work for Ellen DeGeneres, you can still count on that week’s vacation.

Now that she’s back to work, she shared her stories of staying up till 8:30 with Portia De Rossi. She said she tricked her staff with a lottery so she’d have extra spending money during the vacation.


Ellen: Bad Photos Live

Ellen DeGeneres had viewers share their Bad Photos in person, including big hair and bad outfits.

Ellen: Staff Spring Break Memories

Ellen had her staff share their best all time Spring Break memories. These are their stories.

Matt Wright, a producer, talked about being dressed like a vampire, wearing a Speedo, and having 12 margaritas while making everyone call him Little Debbie. Then he got confused about the segment and said this is what he did last night, not on Spring Break.


Glory Gale, an associate producer, shared a story about a man who sent her a drink while she was on vacation. The man was rich and invited her on his boat, except Glory admitted she made the story up and really just stayed home with her cats.

Dave St. Amand, a stagehand, recalled the Spring Break of 2010, during which he wore a bathing suit to his favorite place, Olive Garden.

What did you do for Spring Break this year?

Ellen: Bad Paid For Photos Live

You’ve probably seen some of Ellen’s Bad Paid For Photos, where she features the embarrassing photos sent in by audience members. But today she took the segment to a new level, because she invited people to share their bad photos live on the show.

Ellen: Stephanie’s Bad Photo

Stephanie works at a public school system in Virginia. She brought along a photo of herself at age 28, in 1993. She said it was taken at a Glamour Shot party, which is the worst kind of peer pressure.

Ellen revealed her photo, in which she was wearing a cowboy hat, a leather jacket, and a revealing top. Stephanie admitted that her daughter, who was six at the time, also attended the party. At least the daughter was spared from having her embarrassing photo featured on the show.

Ellen: Tiffany’s Bad Photo

Tiffany from California teaches 5th grade at a charter school. She said she has already shown her embarrassing photo to her students. Her picture was taken when she was just three months old, and she had put on some baby weight.

In the photo, she had a frilly pink dress, a bow in her hair, and a few extra pounds for a baby. Tiffany explained that she was born at a normal weight but started putting on pounds faster than she was growing out. She definitely appears to have her weight under control now as an adult, so good for her for being a good sport.

Ellen: Bad Photo of Jillian

Jillian is from Arizona, where she is a reporter for NPR. She also brought Ellen a photo, which was taken while she was on the job in the mid-1980s. Her friend embarrassed her by sending the photo into the show.

She was wearing a leather jacket and the most enormous red 1980s perm in her photo. Ellen inquired about what work she was doing in the photo. Jillian explained she was a hair model, and Ellen marveled at the fact that she had so much hair.

Jillian said that she still has long, thick hair, and last year she donated 20” of hair to the Locks of Love charity, in honor of her mother, who is a cancer survivor.

The women who shared their photos each received an iPad for their trouble.

Ellen: Classic Joke Monday

Ellen featured another classic joke for her weekly segment with DJ Tony.

Why did the woman put on sunscreen before she went to bed?
Because she wanted to wake up oily in the morning.

Ellen Dance Song: “The Power”

Today, Ellen and the gang danced to sports anthem “The Power,” by Snap!

Download an MP3 of Snap’s “The Power.”


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