Ellen: St. Patrick’s Day, Whale Watching & Oh, Hair No


Ellen: St. Patrick’s Day

This weekend is St. Patrick’s Day, and Ellen DeGeneres said she plans to spend the weekend at her beach house with Portia De Rossi. Ever since they bought the house, they have been waiting to see a whale out on the ocean.

She said that this is the migration season for whales, and though she already missing them heading south for the winter mating season, now she is ready to see them heading back north to Canada.


Ellen: Dance Dare Jigs

For St. Patrick's Day, Ellen challenged viewers to perform Dance Dare Jigs behind strangers. (Image Credit: Henrik Lehnerer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen said she finally saw a whale last weekend. She said that it was an emotional moment for her, but after it didn’t move for an hour, she realized it was a rock. People have told her she’ll see one when she least expects it.

She feels like everyone but her has seen a whale and has an amazing story to tell about their encounter, except for her. Maybe the luck of the Irish will be smiling on her this weekend.


Ellen: St. Patrick’s Day Dance Dare Jigs

You’ve probably heard about Ellen’s Dance Dares, where she encourages viewers to secretly dance behind unsuspecting strangers.

For St. Patrick’s Day, Ellen challenged everyone to send in videos of themselves dancing Irish Jigs behind strangers. I think you should lose points if you get busted by the person you’re dancing behind.

Ellen showed highlights from people’s Irish Jig Dance Dares, and it’s impressive not only that there were so many submissions, but that everyone had such good form in their jigs. I did not think the average viewer would be so well versed in Irish dancing.

Ellen’s next challenge for March Madness is for team mascots to get in on the Dance Dares. She showed some highlights featuring the Oregon Duck.

Ellen: Trip To Ireland

Ellen announced that someone in her studio audience would win a trip to Ireland. To prepare for the viewer’s trip, Ellen sent Andy Zener, who I think is the guy always running out with prizes and props, to Dublin, Ireland.

The prize included a VIP tour of the Guinness Storehouse, which is a popular Dublin tourist attraction.

Ellen: Oh, Hair No

What is the worst haircut you have ever gotten? Ellen loves to see embarrassing pictures sent in by viewers. Today’s pictures featured everyone’s most unfortunate hairstyles. Here are some who were featured on the show:

  • Stephanie in New Mexico had her hair done in the shape of a chicken.
  • Stacy from Canada sent in a picture of her cousin with a bizarre and gravity-defying poof. All the hair on one side of her head was sticking straight out. “It’s like the whole left side of her hair is trying to escape from that haircut,” Ellen said.
  • Dave from Alabama sent in a high school picture of himself with a completely shaved head, except for four mini braids in the front.
  • Mark in Florida sent in a friend’s symmetrical photo. He completely shaved half of his head and the opposite half of his beard.
  • Romano from New York sent in a picture of a woman who somehow wove an Easter basket into her hair.

Ellen should change her closing tagline from “Be kind to one another” to “Be kind to your hair.”

Ellen: DJ Tony’s Parking

Recently, Ellen observed that DJ Tony is not very good at parking his rental car. He claims he can’t park within the lines because his spot is against a wall and he wouldn’t be able to get out of the car. Ellen showed another picture of Tony’s poor parking.

Read more about DJ Tony’s Parking Troubles.

Ellen Dance Song: “Do I Do”

Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do” was Ellen’s dance song today.

Click here to download an MP3 of “Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder.


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