Ellen: Snooki Pregnancy Baby Gift & Daylight Saving Time


Ellen: Snooki Is Pregnant

Recently, Snooki from MTV’s reality series Jersey Shore announced that she is pregnant, confirming the rampant speculation and rumors. Because she is such a good sport when she visits Ellen’s show, the talk show host built her a custom baby bassinet with a built in tanning bulb for her newborn.

“It’s a tanning bed, so her baby can be ready for swimsuit season,” Ellen said. That seems like exactly the type of thing Snooki would love.


Ellen: Snooki Pregnancy

To help Jersey Shore star Snooki prepare for her new arrival, Ellen DeGeneres picked out the perfect baby gift. (Image Credit: Brad Camembert / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Daylight Saving Time

Ellen DeGeneres wanted to remind us all to move our clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time. “How many of you moved all your clocks forward except for the one on your oven, ‘cause it’s too complicated to figure out?” she asked.

Losing an hour made the weekend go by faster, which Ellen said makes Mondays even harder than usual. Ellen said that those of us with jobs to go to can’t complain too much about Mondays. “It is hard out there, and not just for a pimp,” she said.


Ellen: Days of the Workweek

She said Mondays are also a good day for coworkers to bring in baked goods and share them with office mates. She also complained about people who only ask you about your weekend so they can talk about what they did.

Ellen said Tuesday is “when the real work gets done, and by real work of course I mean online shopping.” Then comes Wednesday, or hump day. Ellen made up an explanation about the origins of Hump Day involving camels in ancient times, but admitted that she didn’t really know.

Thursday is the official start of the weekend, according to Ellen and college students everywhere. Everyone looks forward to Friday, but “you need to make every single day a day to look forward to,” Ellen said.

Ellen Classic Joke Monday

Each week, Ellen features a corny joke for her secondary audience of eight-year-old home school students. This week, the joke is time-themed, in observance of Daylight Saving Time.

Why did the man set a clock under his chair?
He wanted to work overtime.

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Ellen: Marshmallow Game

Ellen DeGeneres was very excited about the return of the Marshmallow Game, which is the Holy Grail of embarrassing audience games on her show. For one day only, it will return, on March 14 2012. To celebrate, Ellen shared highlights of past Marshmallow Game contestants.

The Marshmallow Game involves contestants who are restrained by a giant rubber band around their noses, trying to reach and eat a marshmallow that is dangling just out of their reach.

What’s On Cee Lo’s Lap?

After a successful recent installment, Ellen played another edition of What’s On Cee Lo’s Lap? In this segment, Ellen and her audience guess what The Voice judge Cee Lo Green will have in his lap when he turns his chair around.

Today, items in Cee Lo’s lap included The Lorax, Girl Scout Cookies, and a Beehive. See what’s actually in Cee Lo’s lap when he judges The Voice, Mondays on NBC.

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Ellen Dancer of the Day

Ellen has begun featuring the expert dance moves of her audience members, who get to dance before the show’s taping each day. I have all the rhythm of a broken shopping cart, so I’m always impressed by people like Jennifer, who have such great dance moves.


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