Ellen: Shoop Rap with Rebel Wilson & Sophia Grace & Rosie Thrift Shop


Ellen: Getting Famous On YouTube

Ellen said that becoming famous is getting much easier nowadays. Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson and Grumpy Cat have all gotten their start on YouTube. Our favorite stars that got famous on Ellen are of course Sophia Grace and Rosie.

Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform “Thrift Shop” Remix

The girls opened Ellen’s show today with a special performance of “Thrift Shop.” They changed the lyrics around so that they were more age appropriate. No cursing or lewd comments for these cuties.


They wanted to be real pop stars like Rihanna and Madonna so the girls got some new microphones. They were taped to the side of their cheeks so they can dance and throw both hands in the air while performing.

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Los Angeles Voted Most Congested City In U.S.

Los Angeles now has the most traffic of any U.S. city. Not surprising. Ellen said that both candidates for Mayor of Los Angeles decided to come on the show and discuss their solutions for fixing the traffic situation. Unfortunately, they both got stuck in traffic so we’re moving on. 


Ellen: Shoop Rap with Rebel Wilson & Sophia Grace & Rosie Thrift Shop

Ellen brought Sophia Grace & Rosie to warm up her crowd with “Thrift Shop.” She recalled the time that she rapped “Shoop” with Rebel Wilson. (image credit: s_bukley, Shutterstock.com)

Ellen Season 10: Favorite Moment With Rebel Wilson

There’s nothing acca-awkward about this favorite moment. Rebel Wilson was on this season of Ellen on October 4 2012. She and Ellen did a rap and dance to “Shoop” by Salt ‘n’ Pepa. They were both pretty great rappers. Everyone that votes for their favorite moments from the last 10 seasons gets entered into a drawing to come to Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways this December.

Kate McKinnon Ellen Impression With Ellen On Ellen

Last week Kate McKinnnon, Saturday Night Live, brought her SNL impression of Ellen DeGeneres to the show. Kate donned a pixie cut wig and some striped socks to look the part. She pulled out copies of Ellen’s book Seriously I’m Kidding and had a good laugh about the way Ellen sits in her chair.

What’s Wrong With These Photos, Photos?

Ellen got a hilarious wedding photo this week. The bride was riding a horse, but she looked like a horse. 

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Rescue Dog Stands On Things In “Maddie On Things”

One of Ellen’s favorite books is Maddie on Things. Theron Humphrey rescued a dog and named her Maddie. Maddie is such a happy and curious dog. She loves to just stand and climb on things. He captured the moments and compiled them in a big book. Personally, I think that the one of Maddie on an old man’s walker in the best.


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