Ellen Says Go Vote, Funny Autocorrected Texts & Amy’s Lyrical Pranks


Ellen: Election Day is Coming Up

Tuesday is Election Day and Ellen wants everyone to vote. It is only four days away and just yesterday Ellen was saying it was five days away.

Ellen said there are still about five percent of people in America still undecided. You can always spot the people who are undecided. They still have the tag on their jeans, just in case they want to take them back. But Ellen could not figure out how people are still undecided. That is like saying you are undecided about eating blueberry pie or drinking vinegar before bed.

Ellen: Voting Rights & Doritos Tacos Freedom

Ellen Says Go Vote, Funny Autocorrected Texts & Amy's Lyrical Pranks

Ellen tells viewers to make sure to vote, gives some advice to undecided voters, looks at some really funny autocorrected texts & Amy’s lyrical pranks.

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