Ellen Says Go Vote, Funny Autocorrected Texts & Amy’s Lyrical Pranks


Ellen: Election Day is Coming Up

Tuesday is Election Day and Ellen wants everyone to vote. It is only four days away and just yesterday Ellen was saying it was five days away.

Ellen said there are still about five percent of people in America still undecided. You can always spot the people who are undecided. They still have the tag on their jeans, just in case they want to take them back. But Ellen could not figure out how people are still undecided. That is like saying you are undecided about eating blueberry pie or drinking vinegar before bed.


Ellen: Voting Rights & Doritos Tacos Freedom

Ellen Says Go Vote, Funny Autocorrected Texts & Amy's Lyrical Pranks

Ellen tells viewers to make sure to vote, gives some advice to undecided voters, looks at some really funny autocorrected texts & Amy’s lyrical pranks.

Again she urged everyone to vote. She said we have privileges a lot of other people in the world do not. Like if you want to go eat a Doritos Taco from Taco Bell, you can. People in China don’t have those tacos. Ellen said they could keep their Great Wall and their good health. We have the tacos.

I think Ellen and I love tacos just about the same amount. I knew she was awesome.


And if you don’t know if you are the undecided kind of person you may be if you are the kind of person that eats at the same restaurant every week and always asks what the different kinds of dressing are.

Ellen: Pros and Cons List

Ellen said when she is having trouble deciding things she makes pros and cons lists.

So for the election she would have a list that said some pros and cons about Obama. Pro, he is for marriage equality. Con, his wife cheats at pushups.

Ellen: Clumsy Thumbsy

Ellen reminded everyone they need to turn their clocks back on Sunday. Well, everyone except Ellen. She never set her clocks forward in March.

But for anyone with an iPhone you won’t have to remember because the phone will do it for you. Which is nice except when the phone tries to do other things like autocorrect your text messages.

Ellen took a look at some pretty funny autocorrected texts messages sent in by viewers. One person was trying to pay for snickers with pennies but the phone changed pennies to…I’m sure you can figure it out. And there were some other hilarious ones. Check the video out below to get a good laugh.

Ellen: Amy’s Lyrical Pranks

Ellen sent Amy out to talk to complete strangers with her lyrical pranks again. And this time Amy might have actually picked up a date from the segment. She tries to start conversations with people only using the lyrics from “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” by Michael Bolton.

Check out the video below to see how the people getting pranked reacted.


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