Ellen: Piano Playing Dog & Sign Language Cat YouTube Videos


Ellen: Web Videos

Ellen DeGeneres shared more favorite web videos on her talk show.

Ellen: Piano Playing Dog YouTube Video

Ellen showed a video of a dog standing on his hind legs, playing the piano and howling along.


Click here to watch the Piano Playing Dog on YouTube.

Ellen: Viral Animal Videos

Ellen featured favorite viral videos starring our four legged friends.

Ellen: Cat Sign Language Video

Ellen’s next video was a cat doing sign language and trying to get some of its owner’s snacks.


Click here to watch the Sign Language Cat on YouTube.

Ellen: Dog & Mouse Video

Ellen found another video of a dog who was upset by a wind-up toy mouse. The dog didn’t know what to do, but eventually managed to bravely capture the toy.

Click here to watch the Dog & Mouse Toy Video on YouTube.

Ellen Scares Producer Andy

Ellen said she loves playing pranks on her staff, especially her show’s executive producer, Andy, who is often seen on camera handing audience members their game prizes.

“The other day I was in the control room when he walked in,” she explained, setting up a clip someone secretly recorded. Andy got very angry when Ellen scared him, but she was too busy laughing hysterically to care.

Ellen: Viral Videos History

Web content and viral videos have become a staple of the Internet since the advent of YouTube. But this is just the most recent iteration of a format that’s been around for years.

From Candid Camera to Ellen’s show, TV has relied on hidden camera pranks to reliably entertain audiences since its inception.

Read about Ellen’s Hidden Camera Pranks.

Of course, the rise of home video in the 1980s and 1990s paved the way for clip shows, like the classic and long running Americas’ Funniest Home Videos.

Now we have almost everything on tape, from cell phone video and security footage on the local news, to clips on Ellen’s show and even cable clip series like Tosh.0.

Read about Ellen’s interview with viral video star Awkward Kristin.

Do you know anyone who’s been the victim of a prank or unsuspecting star of a viral video? How do you feel about everyone having access to a camera at all times? Do you feel like you’re being watched, or are you glad that more moments of our lives are captured for posterity?



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